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IEEE-Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Plan - 1 866-236-6129

IEEE knows that you demand value from membership in IEEE. Because professional liability risk exposures are faced by most technologists as a consequence of providing even routine services, it only made sense for IEEE to seek a comprehensive and affordable protection plan to the benefit of its members.

How do you know the rates are good? IEEE members benefit from the purchasing power of group rates. This translates into lower rates for many IEEE members who have chosen to participate in the program.

Call 1 866-236-6129 to speak with a licensed insurance broker at Marsh Canada Limited or visit for more information today.

This coverage is available to residents of Canada (except Quebec) through Marsh Canada Limited. Marsh Canada Limited, acts as the insurance broker with respect to residents of Canada. Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London insure this program. Marsh Canada Limited is providing this single insurer option on behalf of IEEE. Alternative insurance products may be available in the insurance marketplace through Marsh Canada Limited.

Introducg IEEE CollabratecTM

IEEE CollabratecTM allows you to network, collabrate, and create with fellow technology professionals around the world.

With IEEE Collabratec you can:

  • Creat private virtual work spaces where you can assemble globalworking teams
  • Establish a more visible professional identity that showcases technical interests and key accomplishments
  • Receive recommendations for connections, articles and events that match and advance your professional interests or career pursuits
  • Enjoy research and collaborative authoring capabilities integrated within your professional networks
  • And you can do all of this from a single centralized hub, with just one log-in!

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