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Issue: May 2008                                                        IEEE Canada News Central



News of Interest


Ø      IEEE Canada Board of Directors

-     2008 Spring IEEE Canada Board of Directors Meeting
-     IEEE Canada Presented its 2008 Major Awards
-     IEEE Canada Webinar: Minimizing Plant Interruption Caused by Line Disturbances Using Active Voltage Conditioners


Ø      Section Events

-     IEEE Hamilton Section - Milestone Event
-     IEEE Toronto Section Senior Membership Drive
-     A Short Course on the Theory and Applications of Symmetrical Components in Power Systems Protection
-     IEEE GOLD - Toronto Section Intellectual Patent Workshop


Ø      Conferences

-     Electrical Safety Technical and Mega Projects Workshop
-     2nd Climate Change Technology Conference
-     The 21st Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering - CCECE08
-     Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada
     NEWS FLASH :The deadline for submitting an abstract to OCEANS'08 MTS/IEEE Quebec has been extended to 23 May 2008. Please access the conference website at for additional information


Ø      Awards & Recognition

-     Senior Member Upgrades


Ø      IEEE News

-     MGA Vtools Meeting Pilot Program
-     Publicize Your Conference
-     Wanted: Fellow Nominations


Ø      Non-IEEE News

-     Engineering and Technology Labour Market Study



News of Interest


Ø     IEEE Canada Board of Directors

2008 Spring IEEE Canada Board of Directors Meeting

IEEE Canada Spring Board of Directors meeting will be held at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls, ON, on May 2 - 4, 2008. Representatives from all Canadian IEEE Sections will review current activities and discuss strategic plans to enhance organization's performance. IEEE Canada Board meeting will be held in conjunction with 21st CCECE08 conference.

IEEE Canada announces its 2008 Major Award Winners

There are ten awards, six for achievement and four for service, which were presented at the IEEE Canada Awards Banquet on the evening of May 5, 2008 in Niagara Falls during the 21st annual IEEE Canada Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE08).

Colin Franklin, a Member of IEEE residing in the Ottawa Section, is retired from a long and distinguished career in Canada's space program. He is being awarded the A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal (IEEE Canada's highest award) for his contributions as a pioneer of the Canadian space program and a semiconductor circuit innovator.

Witold Pedrycz, a Fellow of IEEE residing in the Southern Alberta Section, is Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta. He is being awarded the Silver Medal in Computer Engineering and Science for world?class leadership in computational intelligence and fuzzy systems.

Simon Haykin, a Fellow of IEEE residing in the Hamilton Section, is Distinguished University Professor at McMaster University. He is being awarded the R.A. Fessenden Silver Medal (Telecommunications) for pioneering contributions to radar and wireless communications.

Roy Billinton, a Fellow of IEEE residing in the South Saskatchewan Section, is Emeritus Professor at the University of Saskatchewan. He is being awarded the Silver Medal in Electric Power Engineering for pioneering research and application of reliability concepts in electric power systems.

Kim Roberts, a Member of IEEE residing in the Ottawa Section, is Director of Optical Transmission at Nortel. He is being awarded the Silver Medal (Outstanding Engineer) for continuous outstanding contributions to the field of optical communications.

Andreas Antoniou, a Fellow of IEEE residing in the Victoria Section, is Emeritus Professor at the University of Victoria. He is being awarded the Silver Medal (Outstanding Engineering Education) for outstanding contributions to engineering education in Canada.

Bruno DiStefano, a Senior Member of IEEE residing in the Toronto Section, is President of Nuptek Systems Ltd. He is being awarded the W.S. Read Gold Medal (Outstanding and Sustained Service to IEEE Canada and the Institute) in recognition of service to the profession & IEEE.

Saman Adham, a Senior Member of IEEE residing in the Ottawa Section, is Senior Director of Engineering at LogicVision Canada Inc. He is being awarded the J.J. Archambault Eastern Canada Merit Award (Silver Medal) for the conception, design, & operation of the webinar program of IEEE Canada.

Janet Bradley, a Member of IEEE, resides in the Hamilton Section. She is being awarded the M.B. Broughton Central Canada Merit Award (Silver Medal) for outstanding dedication and service to IEEE Canada and Student Activities.

David Gregson, a Senior Member of IEEE residing in the Victoria Section, is Chief Engineer and Manager of Advanced Engineering for Questar Tangent Corporation. He is being awarded the E.F. Glass Western Canada Merit Award (Silver Medal) for promotion of IEEE Canada student activities and the establishment of student awards.

We invite you to join us at the awards banquet in May to meet and celebrate with these accomplished individuals - for more details and information on purchasing tickets, please visit the conference website at

IEEE Canada Webinar: Minimizing Plant Interruption Caused by Line Disturbances Using Active Voltage Conditioners

Join us for a Webinar on May 21.

Voltage anomalies, in particular voltage sags, can cause equipment loss and process upset. It is reported that in North American alone, voltage sags cost industry over U$200 billion per annum.

Electrical utilities cannot readily prevent the occurrence of voltage sags, disturbances and momentary outages, which typically last for a fraction of a second. It is usually not practical for the utility to provide correction for their distribution system or even for an individual industrial customer as in most cases, these events are caused by inclement weather conditions.

Industry, which regularly invest millions in production equipment, often ignore, or greatly underestimate, the cost of their unplanned outages. Traditionally, a UPS is used to provide adequate protection for data processing centers, but this solution is impractical and uneconomical for plant wide or larger critical electrical equipment distributed throughout the plant.

This presentation will cover the latest Active Voltage Conditioning solutions, which keep critical equipment running, avoid process upset and provide very attractive financial payback. It will also describe case studies covering installation for active voltage conditioners in Petro-Chemical and other industries for low voltage and medium voltage up to 36 KV. In addition, it will provide samples of actual field measurements of electrical power disturbances at various voltage level.

The Presenters:
Dr. Robert Hanna (FIEEE, P.Eng), President and Founder of RPM Engineering Ltd.
Mr. David Ezer (MIEEE), President and Founder of Omni Power Inc.

IEEE Canada Webinar: Minimizing Plant Interruption Caused by Line Disturbances Using Active Voltage Conditioners

Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EDT

System Requirements:
PC-based attendees Required: Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista
Macintosh - based attendees Required: Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) or newer

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:



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Ø     Section Events


IEEE Hamilton Section - Milestone Event


The ceremony was a big success with somewhere in the area of 35 people attending. The local MP, MPP and mayor were present, along with various people from the IEEE and a few locals. It was very well received by the town.

The citation on the plaque is:

First Distant Speech Transmission in Canada, 1876 On 10 August 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated on this site that the human voice could be transmitted electrically over distance.

The citation on the plaque is:

While family members spoke into a transmitter in Brantford, 13 km away, Bell was able to hear them at a receiver located here. This test convinced Bell that the invention could be used for communication between towns and could compete successfully with the telegraph.

The ceremony was a big success with somewhere in the area of 35 people attending. The local MP, MPP and mayor were present, along with various people from the IEEE and a few locals. It was very well received by the town.

Additional pictures from the event can be found at:

Chris Maryan
Chair, IEEE Hamilton Section


IEEE Toronto Section Senior Membership Drive


In an effort to recognize members technical and professional excellence and promote membership development IEEE Toronto Section decided to hold Senior Membership Drive meetings. Members were encouraged to send in their resume/CV ahead of time or bring this information in to one of the meeting events, on May 8 or May 12.

Dr. Dimitri Androutsos, Ryerson University, Toronto Section Membership Chair, orchestrates the session (standing in the middle).

Judging by numbers this is a success story. "Close to 30 of our members participated in person and more than a dozen replied electronically to the Section call for On the Spot IEEE Senior Member Upgrade drive," Alex Bot IEEE Toronto Section chair stated.

Senior Members Patrick Finnigan and Bruno Di Stefano creating references for new SM candidates.

Help was on hand and in real time. IEEE Toronto Section Membership Development Chair, Dimitri Androutsos helped members one on one and walked them through the application process. He mentioned given the overwhelming positive response received this event may turn into an annual event.

Members who made it to the event in person, found the experience rewarding. Phil Vlach has been an IEEE member for 17 years. He believes members should take advantage of the membership upgrade opportunities. "Such upgrades give one a greater leverage with ones employer," he added.

For Tom Cumberland having to drive 2 hours to reach Ryerson University, the venue of the event, and being reminded of the busy, congested downtown area was not an inhibitor. "The drive was well worth it.", Tom says. He is going to utilize the upgrade in his membership to mentor more engineers in his field of designing amplifiers.

On both days, SMIEEE volunteers were on hand to help with the process and to provide references for the applicants. They were impressed by the diversity and qualifications of our members. Marcelo Mota, and Bruno DiStefano each came across applicants who would have qualified for the elevation to Senior Member Grade many years ago. As Mota pointed out, "Members easily postpone the process when they realize it is going to take them a long time to prepare the application and find references."

"Usually you need to have 3 references," Di Stefano says. "But if you are nominated by the chapter you need 2 references." During the 2 days event all applicants were nominated by the Toronto Section Chair.

For Patrick Finnigan, SMIEEE, volunteering on both days was a rewarding experience. He is happy to see more IEEE Toronto members elevated to the SMIEEE grade.

Our Senior Member volunteers were not the only ones impressed with the qualifications of the applicants. Leila Mofarah, volunteer from IEEE Toronto GOLD, is doing her Masters in Computer Engineering. She didn't know what to expect when she volunteered to help at the event. She was so pleased by her experience. "I have to summarize applicants' work and education history and fill out the on-line application. Reading through the applicants' resume has given me so much to work with for my education."

Visda Vokhshoori
Chair, Public Relations
IEEE Toronto Section


A Short Course on the Theory and Applications of Symmetrical Components in Power Systems Protection


The Power Engineering and Industrial Applications Societies of IEEE Southern Alberta Section are pleased to host a two-day short course on theory and applications of symmetrical components in power systems protection.

A Short Course on the Theory and Applications of Symmetrical Components in Power Systems Protection

Roger Hedding, Regional Technical Manager For the Substation Automation and Protection Division of ABB, USA
Ahmed Osman, PhD, Electrical and Computer Eng. Department, University of Calgary

When: Wednesday - Thursday, June 4 -5, 2008, 8:30 - 16:30

Where: University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada0

For more information, please visit:


IEEE GOLD - Toronto Section Intellectual Patent Workshop


On April 3rd, 2008, GOLD was pleased to host an event "What is my invention? Performing Your Own Preliminary Patentability Searches" with Guest Speaker Benjamin Mak. The event was held at Ryerson University and drew around 50 people in attendance, which included industrial members as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

Benjamin's informative seminar began with a general introduction of patents including examples of claims and the length of a patent term. He continued to provide a detailed discussion on the preliminary stages of filing for a patent, and made the audience aware of several patent search databases, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Benjamin Mak talking with attendees

Mr. Mak taught the audience how to identify an invention in terms of functional and structural qualities. He also described patent infringement and how to protect one's patent. At the end of the lecture, Benjamin provided the attendees with an optional exercise, where they were to perform their own preliminary patent search and identify their invention in terms of functional or structural attributes.

Overall, this Intellectual Property seminar was a great success. There was discussion and questions throughout the entire event. After the seminar, many of the attendees stayed behind to continue the discussion with Mr.Mak. Due to the success of this event, GOLD is pleased that Benjamin Mak is willing to give our members a secondary, follow up lecture on the topic, at a later date. Stay tuned!

The slides and handout have been posted and linked from the event page and the GOLD page. If you'd like to distribute to attendees, you can send them the direct URLs:

April Khademi,
IEEE Toronto Section GOLD Chair
IEEE Canada, Regional Student Representative



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Ø     Conferences


Electrical Safety Technical and Mega Projects Workshop

Edmonton, November 19-2 1, 2008
Sponsored By: IEEE IAS, Southern
Alberta and Northern Canada Sections


The IEEE Industry Applications Society Electrical Safety Technical & Mega Projects Workshop is to be held November 19 to November 21, 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The IEEE IAS TMP Workshop provides a forum for exchanging and advancing industry knowledge in the areas of engineering design, system reliability and the implementation of large projects. The Workshop focus will be to share innovative concepts, successes as well as lessons learned in the areas of: 1) advancing the application of state of the art knowledge and practices, 2) stimulating innovation in creating the next generation of technology and 3) design and implementation of Mega Projects.

For 2008, the Technical & Mega Project Workshop participants have a unique opportunity to get additional value from their Workshop experience. This year, in addition to the very beneficial presentations, a panel discussion and tutorials are being planned.


A block of rooms at the Mayfield Inn and Suites, which is the prime conference hotel, have been set aside for this Workshop. The reservation number for the Mayfield Inn and Suites is 1-780-484-0821. Workshop attendees shall make their reservations directly with the hotel. A limited number of rooms have been reserved, so book early. When making your reservations, please indicate you are attending the IEEE Electrical Technical and Mega-Projects Workshop in order to obtain the conference rate.


The workshop is held at Mayfield Inn and Suites, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is one of Canada's most important business centers for engineering and Alberta is home to many of the country's mega-projects. The Edmonton International Airport accommodates convenient air transportation to domestic and international locations. The hotel is moments away from shopping, entertainment and fine dining. There is free parking at the hotel. Hotel rooms must be booked before completing registration. See the accommodations section for additional information.


On the Tuesday night preceding the technical sessions, there will be a networking evening from 7pm to 10pm. This is a prime opportunity to meet and greet your peers in a casual setting. Whether you're an industry leader or new graduate, networking is an important part of everyone's career. There will be 2 drink tickets included, however, more can be bought at the cash bar. More details on this evening are available at


This Workshop is not a training course, but a forum for exchanging ideas and practical experiences involving knowledge, work practices, philosophies, electrical technology, and mega-projects experience that are changing the electrical discipline in industry. Targeted audiences include but is not limited to people involved in electrical in these areas of interest:

·    Facilities construction, operation and maintenance

·    Facilities and process design

·    Engineering services

·    Training and continuing education

·    Regulations, codes and standards

·    Forensics

·    Risk management

·    Temporary Power

·    Human error and human factors

·    Project management

·    Project Engineering


There is still an opportunity to make a presentation, propose a panel discussion or provide a tutorial at this event. Draft presentations are due June 30, 2008.

Three panel discussions are planned:
1. Owners Implementation of Safety Programs
2. Mega Projects Technical Step-outs, Successes & Failures
3. Equipment Approaches to Arc Flash Hazard reduction. Individuals or companies     interested in participating are asked to submit a 15 minute presentation related to     one of the topics.

Any individual or company that is interested in presenting a tutorial should submit it to the ESTMP Technical Committee. See or contact Ron Derworiz ( 780 997 6546 for more details.



May 12-15, 2009
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The 2nd Climate Change Technology Conference (CCTC 2009) is a Canadian and international forum for engineers, scientists, policy advisors, industry and other stakeholders to share and exchange new information and ideas for dealing with climate change and global warming. It also provides an opportunity for participants to keep abreast of emerging techniques and technologies for the mitigation of, and adaptation to, the impacts of climate change. The CCTC2009 is organized by the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and nine of its member societies.The CCTC2009 will be held on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton.


The above theme reflects the need to prepare practical responses to climate change and global warming. The proposed conference topic categories are:

·    Impacts: Environmental and economic impacts; potential safety, health and security risks

·    Monitoring: GHG tracking, emission measurement, engineering issues and indicators

·    Modeling: Emissions/economic/climate, infrastructure design, energy systems and lifecycle

·    Mitigation: GHG management, carbon free energy, carbon management and biofixation

·    Adaptation: Engineering design, planning, processes, tools, risk management

·    Biorefining: Products, biochemical and thermo-chemical technology

·    Education: Strategies, paradigms and effect on the professiont

·    Standards: International standards initiatives, protocols, benefits of standards and other initiatives

·    Policy and Regulation: Emission trading, environment, carbon sink and emission reduction incentives

Submissions relating to other relevant topics will also be considered.

Interested authors/panelists are invited to submit a proposal in English or French for a paper, poster paper or presentation. Paper manuscripts will be subject to peer review. Proposals should include:
(a) The title and an abstract (< 400 words) providing a synopsis of the central theme;
(b) The author's preferred topic category, see list above;
(c) A list of full names, affiliations and contact information for the authors or panelists and
(d) A designated primary contact with full contact information.
Proposals should be submitted, by September 15, 2008, via the Conference website at or sent by mail, fax or e-mail to:

Mr. Eric Williams
Technical Subcommittee Chair, c/o Canoe-About Inc.
16 Brookview Crescent, RR#2
Tiverton, Ontario, N0G 2T0

Fax: 519-396-6926
Phone: 519-396-8844

Dates to Remember:
Proposal submission: 2008/09/15
Notification of proposal acceptance: 2008/10/30
Draft manuscript submission: 2008/12/15
Acceptance notification & reviewers' comments: 2009/03/0 1
Final manuscript submission: 2009/04/03.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at


The 21st Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering - CCECE08

21st Annual Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE) was held in the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. CCECE is the flagship conference for researchers, students, and practicing engineers in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Canada and around the world to meet annually for four days in a Canadian city to present the latest technological advancements and discoveries, to network, and exchange ideas, to strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations.

Conference General Chair Dr. Sri Krishnan and IEEE President Dr. Ferial El-Hawary addressed the conference

CCECE 2008 ( featured 7 mini-symposia covering all areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering, tutorial sessions ( in leading topics, plenary talks from senior executives in industry and academia, around 90 technical sessions.

Organizing Committee thanks all participants for making this conference a great success


CCECE 2008 Organizing Committee



Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada

All IEEE Conferences in Canada - please use this link.


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Ø     Awards & Recognition

Senior Member Upgrades

The following members were upgraded to Senior Member status at the March and April 2008 IEEE Admission and Advancement Panel meetings.





Kitchener-Waterloo Section



Montreal Section



Montreal Section



Montreal Section



New Brunswick Section



Northern Canada Section



Ottawa Section



Ottawa Section



Ottawa Section



Ottawa Section



Toronto Section



Toronto Section



Toronto Section



Toronto Section



Toronto Section



Toronto Section



Vancouver Section



Vancouver Section



Winnipeg Section






- To check on the status of Senior Member applications:

- For the Nominate a Senior Member Initiative:

- To check how your Region, Section or Society is doing on Senior Member

   elevations and nominations:



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Ø     IEEE News



A new tool to schedule and advertise section and chapter meetings is being piloted.

vTools.Meetings is a tool for managing meetings that will be available to IEEE sections and chapters at no charge. It is piloted by Membership and Geographic Activities as a part of the MGA vTools project that will provide section and chapters with a set of volunteer-developed tools to assist them in managing their ongoing activities. In the pilot release of the vTools.Meetings officers can create meeting announcements with no dependence on a webmaster. Members and the public may then see the upcoming meetings, drill down for details, and register (accepting credit card payments is not yet supported). The tool offers a vCalendar feature providing an easy mechanism for users to add meetings to their personal calendar systems. It also provides meeting RSS feeds and has a simple way of integrating them into section and chapter websites. Information for meetings in neighboring sections or for the Region can be also integrated. Future releases of the tool will include feeding meeting information into myIEEE.

vTools.Meetings is currently running in a pilot phase with a plan to announce the results at the Sections Congress. More information is available at

If you have any questions or if you would like to be part of the pilot program please e-mail the vTools.Meetings team at



As a reminder, IEEE Conference Services is asking all Regions, Chapters and Sections to submit an Information Schedule for all Conferences, Symposia, Workshops, Tutorials, Short Courses, Expositions and Conventions.

The Information Schedule is a request for basic conference summary information and will allow Conference Services to develop a complete and accurate IEEE conference business profile. In addition, better information will help facilitate a stronger negotiating position with service providers and the information will be used to help you promote your conferences through the IEEE website. As an extra benefit, this conference information is also fed to regional calendars for additional coverage for your unit.This request for information through the Information Schedule does not imply any changes in financial reporting policies. The same threshold for financial reporting remains in effect: which requires that any conference with budgeted income or expense of greater than $25K USD must follow IEEE conference financial reporting rules.

The Information Schedule is a powerful tool that benefits IEEE Conference Services and the Regions, Chapters and Sections. Submit the Schedule and it will be used to benefit all.

IEEE Conference Services


Wanted: Fellow Nominations

It's not too early to nominate a colleague for the IEEE Fellows class of 2010, though the deadline for nominations is 1 March 2009. The rank of Fellow is IEEE's highest member grade. Senior members can be nominated in one of four categories: application engineer/practitioner, research engineer/scientist, educator, or technical leader. For more information, visit



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Ø     Non-IEEE News



Engineers Canada

Ingénieurs Canada


Canadian Council of

Technicians and Technologists

Conseil canadien des

techniciens et des technologues



Engineering and Technology Labour Market Study


Étude sur le marché du travail dans le domain de

l’ingénierie et de la technologie



Deborah Wolfe, P. Eng.

Yaroslaw Zajac, M.B.A., C.A.E


Executive Director

Education, Outreach and Research Engineers Canada

Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists

Re: 2008 National Survey of Engineers and Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Engineers Canada and the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists are undertaking a major study of the engineering and technology labour market. As part of this study, we have launched the 2008 National Survey of Engineers and Engineering Technicians and Technologists.

We are asking for your assistance in bringing an important survey to the attention of engineers or engineering technicians and technologists, including those who may be employed within your organization.

The survey is sponsored by Engineers Canada and the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists and is financially supported by the Government of Canada.

The 2008 National Survey of Engineers and Engineering Technicians and Technologists addresses issues that are important to all stakeholders in the engineering and technology field. These include trends in:

·    the choice of technical fields

·    continuing professional development and sources of professional training

·    membership in professional and technical associations

·    employment by region and industry

There is also a special section in the survey that looks at the challenges encountered by international engineering and technology graduates.

More that 20,000 engineering and technology employees participated in the 2002 National Survey. Confidentiality is absolutely assured. Individual respondents cannot be identified through the survey.

The survey may be completed on the web:

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The survey is open to all engineers and engineering technicians and technologists, regardless of whether they hold a professional licence or certification.






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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events – Edmonton


Upcoming Events – Halifax


Upcoming Events – Montréal


Upcoming Events – Fredericton, New Brunswick


2008 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 08)

June 26-28, 2008
Fredericton, Nouveau Brunswick



Upcoming Events – Ottawa


Upcoming Events – Toronto



Upcoming Events – Vancouver



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Many IEEE Canada sections maintain their own listings of upcoming events:

Canadian Atlantic




Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northern Canada


Southern Alberta





For more IEEE conferences, visit IEEE Conference Search at


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May's issue prepared by Alex Bot.

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