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IEEE Member Discounts on IWG Workspace Solutions

Get a 20% discount on Workspace Solutions by IWG (available globally). From a single desk to a whole building. The choice is yours. Redeem here (This promotion ends on May 31, 2023).

Visit IWG page with IEEE discount to find a workspace solution that meets your requirements. Fill out the form and receive a 20% discount for the first 6 months of a contract with IWG, for a minimum 12 month contract.

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Articles and Resources

  • IEEE educational activities continue to offer online instruction and IEEE's pre-university educational resources may be of assistance to families of students whose classroom activities have been disrupted. Home-schooling parents and students can explore the IEEE TryEngineering database to learn about a wide variety of concepts.

  • Understanding that technology and history are not mutually exclusive subjects, IEEE REACH provides history teachers and remote learners with free educational resources that situate science, technology, and engineering in their social and humanistic contexts.

Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes

All application and nomination forms are on the OpenWater platform. Questions may be directed to
  • Power & Energy Scholarships
  • The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative provides scholarships to undergraduates who are interested in power and energy engineering careers. Submissions are open until June 30.

    This program can be supported in Canada by donations to the IEEE Canadian Foundation, for which a Canadian tax receipt will be issued. To give on-line, chose fund option 5. IEEE PES Canadian Scholarship Fund here:

  • Nick Cercone Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
  • This scholarship is sponsored by the Friends of Nick Cercone, one prize each every second year, value $6,000.

IEEE Canadian Foundation

IEEE Canadian Foundation Welcomes Donations of Cryptocurrency

Some 8% of Canadians hold cryptocurrency [Ontario Securities Commission, September 2022]. Crypto philanthropy is an emerging way for crypto users to make philanthropic donations.

Cryptocurrency giving seems like a natural fit for our members who are innovators in areas such as blockchain, fintech and digital assets. We are partnered with Canada Helps to quickly, reliably and safely process donations of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To donate cryptocurrency to the IEEE Canadian Foundation and find out more about this giving method:

IEEE Canadian Foundation AGM Report

At the recent AGM, the Members of the Foundation
  • Received the 2022 Audited Financial Statements from the outside audit firm
  • Approved the 2023 Budget, set to continue all programs at the established levels to support McNaughton Centres across Canada, award scholarships and grants to innovative projects
  • Reappointed Officers for the standard one-year terms
  • Welcomed new Director Dan Coode (North Saskatchewan Section)
  • Thanked Keith Brown and Wayne Wagner as they conclude their time as Directors.

Workplace Giving Supports the IEEE Canadian Foundation

Your employer may facilitate workplace giving to socially beneficial causes including the IEEE Canadian Foundation. Matching of your gift may also be offered year round in support of corporate social responsibility or sometimes seasonally as a year end gesture of goodwill. Gifts may be processed though HR services such as Benevity or CAF America (yes, it also covers Canada). Details will be different at each employer so ask around – your gift to the IEEE Canadian Foundation may be magnified with your employer’s support.

IEEE Canadian Foundation Donor-Supported Grants Awarded

The IEEE Canadian Foundation supports Canadian student engagement, learning and collaborative team work through donor-supported grants – approved at the December Board meeting are:

McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants
  • University of Saskatchewan (resources for design Project Club)
  • Concordia University (3D printer, soldering setup and board assembly enhancements)
  • Memorial University (establish maker space)
  • Carleton University (upgrade to maker space)
Special Grants (including Humanitarian Technology)
  • University of Calgary (Canadian students design/deploy alternate energy - Peru solar)
  • UBC Agrobot (Building a competitive autonomous agricultural robot)
  • UBC Hydroponics (Develop a low-cost and low-maintenance autonomous hydroponics grow system)
  • McGill University ("Incorporating Sustainability Into Our Endeavors" Workshop)
  • Concordia University (Pilot a student-centered portfolio site in technical communication)
  • University of Alberta (Student team for Alberta Rocketry Research’s deployable payload development)
  • University of British Columbia (Thunderbots autonomous soccer-playing robots)
  • University of Waterloo (A) (Rocketry development of redesigned power and live telemetry systems, and greatly improved mission control software)

Streamlined Donation via IEEE Dues Renewal Shopping Cart

Your gift supports Scholarships, McNaughton Learning Resource Centres and Grants to new and innovative projects in Canada. It is easy to donate to the IEEE Canadian Foundation at Dues Renewal (including Life Member confirmation). At the Payment page, look for "Donate to IEEE", then click "View Donation Options", look down the list for IEEE Canadian Foundation. Receipts for Canadian tax purposes are produced by the IEEE Canadian Foundation early in the new year. Thank you for your support!
Learn about the IEEE Canadian Foundation at

Dave Kemp Memorial Fund

The Dave Kemp Memorial Fund has been established in memory of Dave Kemp, serving Director of the IEEE Canadian Foundation, past IEEE Canada President/Region 7 Director and life-long volunteer and supporter of IEEE in Canada and internationally. This fund will support IEEE programs that match Dave's passions and interests, including Young Professional activities, volunteerism, engagement and student growth across Canada. Donations in honour of Dave may be made at

Gift of Securities to the IEEE Canadian Foundation – Invest in Scholarships and Grants to Canadians

A gift of securities is a very cost-effective way of supporting the IEEE Canadian Foundation, immediately or though a gift bequest in your will.

With a donation of publicly traded securities you will receive a charitable gift tax receipt for the full market value of your gift. This avoids you incurring Canadian capital gains tax since the securities are transferred intact to the Foundation.

Gifts of securities must be arranged by electronic transfer between your investment broker and the Foundation broker.

As you consider a gift of securities, we can work with you and your advisors to receive your gift. Please request our GIFT of Publicly Traded Securities form, available upon request from the Treasurer (

COVID-19: The IEEE Canadian Foundation remains committed to supporting our programs, donors and grantees. Thank you for your ongoing support during these unusual and challenging times.

IEEE Canadian Foundation is a registered charity in Canada and a public foundation. All Canadian individual donors receive CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) approved tax receipts. The IEEE Canadian Foundation remains committed to supporting our programs, donors and grantees. Thank you for your ongoing support during these unusual and challenging times. Please visit ICF Facebook page

IEEE Canadian Foundation

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