December 2021 Issue


  • Dr. Madan Gupta Obituary

    It is with great sorrow that we announce that Dr. Madan Gupta passed away on November 8, 2021 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada from gastrointestinal tract complications. At the University of Saskatchewan, he was a distinguished research chair, engineering professor, and founder and director of the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory. The full obituary can be found here.

  • MGA Leadership Award Recipients
    • Winnie Ye (R7), Ottawa Section - "For exemplary leadership and distinguished contributions in promoting and supporting activities at local, regional, and international IEEE engineering communities"
    • Paulina Yenbic Chan (R10), Hong Kong Section - "For exemplary leadership and contributions to the IEEE Hong Kong Section"
    • Ruben Barrera-Michel (R9), Guadalajara Section - "For sustained leadership and contributions at the local and global IEEE levels"

  • MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award Recipients
    • Zied Bouida (R7), Ottawa Section - "For exemplary leadership and distinguished contributions in promoting IEEE Young Professional activities in Region 7 and globally"
    • Haroon Rashid (R10), Malaysia, Section - "For significant contributions to IEEE Young Professionals in Malaysia"
    • Saaveethya Sivakumar (R10), Malaysia, Section - "For exemplary efforts and leadership towards enhancing member benefits for young professionals and promoting student-to-young professionals transitions"
    • Pooja Sharma K (R10), Madras Section - "For outstanding contributions in Young Professionals and WIE activities at the Section and Region levels"
    • Muhammad Hamza Ihtisham (R10), Lahore Section - "For significant contributions in organizing IEEE Young Professional activities"
    • Ashvanth Babu (R10), Madras Section - "For outstanding contributions to local and regional IEEE Young Professional and Student activities"

  • Call for Canadian Black and Indigenous Ph.D. applicants for fully-funded fellowships

    The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta has issued a Call for Canadian Black and Indigenous Ph.D. applicants for fully-funded fellowships.

    The Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship is a collaborative effort among the Indigenous|Black Students in Engineering and Technology (IBET) PhD Project, the Experiential Learning in Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ELITE) Program for Black Youth, and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta to provide financial support to Indigenous and Black scholars to pursue full-time PhD studies in any engineering discipline at the University of Alberta. More campaign details can be found here.

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IEEE Canadian Foundation

Thanks to the ongoing support of donors championing education and growth in IEEE fields of interest, the IEEE Canadian Foundation has recently awarded:

  • Special Grants
    • Calgary – Alberta Tech Alliance Association to help provide technology training to Alberta girls
    • University of British Columbia Agrobot – to develop technology and attend AgGrowBot competition
    • University of British Columbia AgroPonics – to build an autonomous hydroponics system
    • University of Victoria Rocketry – to develop rocketry for retrieval of rocket hardware and flight data
  • McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants
    • Lakehead University – upgrade
    • Dalhousie University – upgrade
    • University of Manitoba – upgrade
    • University of Saskatchewan – upgrade
  • Vehicular Technologies Travel Grants
    • University of British Columbia – Bo Chen to attend North American Power Symposium and present “Impact of EV Charging Load Uncertainty as Gaussian Mixtures Model on System Performance”
    • University of Ottawa – Yazan Otoum to attend IEEE Globecom ’21 and present “Signature-Over-The-Air with Transfer Learning IDS for Intelligent Connected Vehicles”
The next round of scholarships, grants and awards closes March 15Check details.

IEEE Canadian Foundation is a registered charity in Canada and a public foundation. All Canadian individual donors receive CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) approved tax receipts. The IEEE Canadian Foundation remains committed to supporting our programs, donors and grantees. Thank you for your ongoing support during these unusual and challenging times. Please visit ICF Facebook page


  • IEEE Canada Technology Leadership Webinar Series

      IEEE Canada is hosting a webinar series on Technology Leadership. We are inviting professional associations, learnt societies, think tanks, governmental agencies, and other institutions to participate and contribute speakers. This webinar series is a platform bringing our thought leaders from different stakeholders, from all walks of life to present their views and advocate their positions on science, technology, society, and future economy. It will be open and free to the general public. Many, among the audience, will be members of IEEE.

      Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed Data Analytics are two enablers for smart and sustainable cities. IoT objects generate massive amounts of heterogeneous and unstructured sensory data. This talk will introduce the challenges and opportunities to achieve efficiency and security aspects. Specific focus will be on the operational and capital cost of the sensory data collection, data acquisition and processing techniques that leverage AI methods to maximize the value of the data and avoid data explosion at the analytics platforms, and AI-driven (i.e. machine and deep learning) system-level security of the sensing infrastructure and analytics platforms from two standpoints: modeling of adversarial behavior and mitigation of cyberattacks. A specific use case, particularly, mobile crowd-sensing under the IoT ecosystem will be used to cover the adversarial aspects focusing on trustworthiness issues. The talk will wrap up by elaborating on the open issues, challenges and future directions in this field.

      Burak Kantarci is an Associate Professor and the Founding Director of the Smart Connected Vehicles Innovation Centre (SCVI) in the Kanata North campus of the University of Ottawa, and the founding director of the Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks (NEXTCON) Research Lab at uOttawa. Dr. Kantarci holds a Ph.D in computer engineering; and he is a globally recognized researcher particularly in mobile cloud computing, mobile crowd-sensing and AI-driven solutions for secure and trustworthy cyberspace. Dr. Kantarci is the co-author of over 200 publications in established journals and conferences, and 13 book chapters. He is well known for his contributions to the quantification of data trustworthiness in mobile crowd-sensing (MCS) systems, and game theoretic incentives to promote user participation in MCS campaigns with high value data; as well as AI-backed access control, authentication and machine learning-backed intrusion detection solutions in sensing environments. Dr. Kantarci served as the Chair of IEEE Communications Systems Integration and Modeling Technical Committee, and has served as the Technical Program Co-Chair/ Symposium Co-chair of more than twenty international conferences/ symposia/ workshops including IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) – Communications Systems QoS, Reliability and Modeling (CQRM) symposium. In 2021, he has been elected as the new Secretary of IEEE Social Networks Technical Committee. An Editor of the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, IEEE Internet of Things, Elsevier Vehicular Communications, an associate editor for IEEE Networking Letters, and an associate editor for Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy. Dr. Kantarci is a Distinguished Speaker of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), senior member of ACM, and senior member of the IEEE.

      For more information or to inquire about speaking opportunities, please contact, Dale Tardiff, IEEE Canada Outreach and Partnership Committee Chair,

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