November 2020 Issue

IEEE Member Benefit for November 2020

  • IEEE Member Group Insurance Program

    As an IEEE member in Canada, you’re entitled to take advantage of this valuable portfolio of member benefit insurance options. Thousands of technology professionals have used the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program as a convenient, cost-effective addition to their family’s financial plan for more than 50 years.

    For more information, visit:
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  • IEEE SIGHT Week Celebration

    The 2020 IEEE SIGHT Week celebration has been organized to foster a spirit of community for the global SIGHT network, increase awareness of IEEE SIGHT within IEEE, and celebrate the impact SIGHT volunteers and groups have made in 2020. It will take place from 29 November – 06 December. Please join us in celebration by organizing one of the activities suggested below, or helping to spread the word by sharing a post on SIGHT’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! For more information, please visit IEEE SIGHT celebration page.

  • Call for Nominations: IEEE Medals & Recognitions

    Nominations will be open December 1st – June 15th for IEEE Medals and Recognitions which is IEEE’s highest awards. All are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields.

    All nominations must be submitted through the online nomination portal for Medals and the online nomination portal for Recognitions.

    The IEEE Awards Board administers the highest medals, awards, and recognitions presented by IEEE. IEEE Medals are at the top of the hierarchy of awards; the IEEE Medal of Honor is the highest award. IEEE Medals embrace significant and broad IEEE interests and purposes.

    IEEE_Awards_generic_medal_on ribbon.jpg

    IEEE Recognitions are among the highest awards in the hierarchy of IEEE awards. They are presented to individuals or corporations for significant contributions to IEEE or for advances in technology within the technical fields of interest of IEEE.

    For more information e-mail:

  • Call for Papers: ANTEM 2021

    IEEE ANTEM 2021 will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The symposium and meeting are co-sponsored by the IEEE Canada and the IEEE Winnipeg Section. Technical co-sponsorship includes IEEE AESS, AP-S, and MTT.

    ANTEM is a premier event in antennas and applied electromagnetics. It provides an ideal forum and venue for networking, exchanging ideas, and identifying future trends and developments. The technical sessions will be host to a well-balanced, comprehensive program with topics in antennas, propagation, and electromagnetics. Following tradition, the symposium will have both oral and poster sessions. ANTEM will be offered with remote access options, as well as in-person events. Additionally, there will be distinguished lecturers and special sessions with contemporary topics at the leading edge of antenna and electromagnetics technology.

    The world has experienced major changes in the last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the Conference Theme, “Making Space.” Several specialized topical sessions will be introduced to the conference under this theme:

    • Design and application of antennas and radiating systems to eliminate touch requirements.
    • Antenna miniaturization to reduce antenna dimensions.
    • Antennas designed for space applications (e.g., satellites and cubesats)

    Some important dates:

    • Paper Submission Deadline: March 1, 2021
    • Conference Registration Deadline: June 1, 2021
    • Conference Date: August 8 - 11, 2021

    Please check out the ANTEM 2021 website for more details:

  • Congratulations to Carleton University IEEE Student Branch

    Congratulations to the Carletone University IEEE Student Branch on becoming one of the winners of the IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award 2020.

    The purpose of Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award is to provide public recognition of exemplary IEEE Student Branch Operations. 2020 Student Award Winners Information will be updated by end of this month in our IEEE Student webpage:

Articles and Resources

Scholarships and Prizes

IEEE Canadian Foundation

  • IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grant Report

    University of British Columbia (UBC) IEEE Student Branch was awarded a one-time Special Grant earlier this year in support of their participation in the 2020 RoboCup Small Size League Competition. The objectives were to design and build a new fleet of eight 4th Generation Autonomous Soccer Robots with several major hardware upgrades, including more powerful motors and rotating kicking devices. The UBC team designed new power supply and driver boards for new high-power motors to improve the speed and agility of their robots. The students also developed their own simulation software, which allowed them to test and validate strategy changes. The COVID-19 outbreak, unfortunately, impeded the development of high-voltage boards for the project due to the lack of access to the UBC labs and equipment. The team members nevertheless benefited greatly from the project, which strengthened their problem solving skills in designing and prototyping a completely new robot. In addition, they organized 12 public workshops and related events, which speak clearly about their dedication to the project and enthusiasm for robotics.

    Two below pictures of the UBC RoboCup Team 4th Generation Autonomous Soccer Robot are shown below.

    ubc-robot-1 ubc-robot-2
  • Donate by IEEE Membership Renewal

    The IEEE Canadian Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the IEEE in Canada, is ready to accept your contributions when you renew your IEEE membership in the fall each year. Just select the IEEE Canadian Foundation as your choice when you complete your annual IEEE membership renewal form (paper or web version). Please note that this method enables you to make a contribution to the IEEE Canadian Foundation General Fund only. To make a contribution to one or more of our other funds, please consider donating online or donating by mail. An overview of the ways to give can be found at:

    If you are a Canadian IEEE Life Member and wish to participate in our Canadian Life Member Fund “Thank You” program, please view this web page:

  • IEEE Canadian Foundation 25/25 Campaign

    2020 is IEEE Canada 25th Anniversary! IEEE Canadian Foundation 25/25 Campaign invites a first-time or incremental $25 gift to celebrate 25 years of IEEE Canada – IEEE Canadian Foundation successful work that benefited many IEEE members and nonmembers.

  • Double Your Gift to the IEEE Canadian Foundation

    Your employer may have a charitable gift matching program. Typically, these programs match your personal contribution to registered Canadian charities. Each plan is different, and not always publicized, so please ask your HR department or look into your employee benefits. The IEEE Canadian foundation is a registered charity and operates under Canada Revenue Agency registration number 102450376RR0001.
    You may be eligible to participate in your company's charitable gift matching program if you are a:

    • full time or part time employee,
    • pensioner/retiree,
    • spouse of an employee,
    • widow(er) of someone formerly employed at that company,
    • member of the Board of Directors.

    If gift matching is available in your workplace, please spread the word with your IEEE colleagues there – and let us know about your experience.


  • Webinar: Net Zero 2050? Canada’s Options in a Human-Caused Hot World

    The sources of human-caused global warming will be presented briefly followed by overwhelming evidence that global warming is real and dangerous. The speaker, Alan Emery, will position Canada in a global hot world context. Next, a synopsis of the scale required to get to net zero 2050 and the psychology of global fossil fuel “addiction” will be discussed. A broad series of what could be excellent options for an innovative future Canada to lead the world by example with a focus on engineering opportunities combined with social and economic requirements will be outlined. Finally, the more probable trajectory for Canada and the world given the current Canadian and world governance in a predatory capitalistic world will be presented. Even in this dangerous future probability, Canada has many favourable options, if it plans carefully.
    • Date: December 17, 2020
    • Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (Coordinated Univerisal time; UTC-5)
    • Presented by: Alan Emery of The Stable Climate Group
    • Registration:
      Registration ends December 17, 2020

    Alan received his BSc. from the University of Toronto; MSc. from McGill University; and PhD from Cornell University and University of Miami. His scientific specialty is ecology and evolution with a focus on marine sciences. He pioneered in direct observation underwater at night on coral reefs and in fresh water. He was among the first to dive under the ice in the Arctic. He has led expeditions to the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. He was a research scientist with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario, professor at the University of Toronto, Curator and Sciences Coordinator at the Royal Ontario Museum, President of the Canadian Museum of Nature, and has been the governor, president, or director of many scientific organizations. When his brother fell terminally ill, Alan brought his engineering company back to a profitable position to be sold by his brother’s family.
    He has published nearly 100 scientific, technical, and popular articles and books spanning subjects from marine biology to the management of academic organizations. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television interviews and has been the subject of, technical advisor for, or written over 150 television shows for CTV, Discovery, and the CBC.
    As part of his work with indigenous people, he prepared policy papers for Canada, the World Bank and the UN. In addition, he has worked as a consultant with the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organization almost since its inception.
    Recently, Alan has moved his primary attention from global biodiversity loss to the solution of human-caused global warming. In 2015, he initiated and is now leading an international group of scientists and engineers to help solve the global warming problems: The Stable Climate Group.

  • Webinar: Innovation, Science and Industry

    • Date: December 21, 2020
    • Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (Coordinated Univerisal time; UTC-5)
    • Presented by: MP James Cumming
    • Registration:
      Registration closes December 21, 2020
    The former President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the largest urban chamber in Canada, James Cumming is an active leader in Edmonton’s business and non-profit volunteer communities.
    A life-long successful entrepreneur, James understands the focus and drive needed to build something from scratch. Whether it is starting out as an independent business owner many years ago to becoming the President of the Chamber of Commerce, or starting as a student in NAIT’s Construction Engineering Technology and becoming the Chair of NAIT’s Board of Governors, James knows that it is hard work and determination that leads to success.
    James also knows that with entrepreneurship comes an inherent responsibility to give back to your community. This is why he actively supports non-profit organizations such as Junior Achievement, Northlands Park, Edmonton Construction Association, Alberta Art Stabilization Fund, Norlien Foundation, Alberta Opportunity Corporation, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, to name a few. A recipient of NAIT’s Alumni Award of Distinction and Top 50 Alumni, James is a current member of the World Presidents’ Organization and the Harvard University Alumni OPM 27.
    A life-long Edmontonian born and raised in Edmonton Centre, James and his wife Debbie have been married for 35 years and are the proud parents of three beautiful children and one grandchild.
  • Webinar: Small Modular Reactors

    As a low-carbon source of energy, Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are well-aligned with global desire to reduce our carbon footprint. Both smaller in size and in energy output, SMRs are considered ideal for deployment both on-grid and off-grid in remote locations suchas mine sites or the oil sands, as well as willing communities in northern Canada reliant on diesel-fuelled generators for electricity. In addition, these technologies can also be utilized in other industrial applications such as production of hydrogen, local area heating, or other industrial heat applications. Currently, SMRs are an emerging technology. There are a wide variety of designs being developed by multiple prospective reactor vendors, each working hard to bring their technology to market.

    This webinar will provide participants with an introduction to SMRs, covering the fundamental features of the technology, and an overview of the most popular designs proposed to date. The webinar will also include a discussion on the economics of SMRs – how they are expected to compete in the global energy market, and what conditions could make them successful in the future. Join two renowned researchers from Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) – Canada’s premier nuclear nuclear science and technology organization, for an engaging discussion on this exciting new set of technologies.

    • Date: January 20, 2021
    • Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (Mountain time; UTC-7)
    • Presented by: Denys Elliot, Megan Moore and Metin Yetisir of Canadian Nuclear Laboratorie
    • Registration:
      Registration closes January 18, 2021, or once full
  • IEEE Canada Technology Leadership Webinar Series – VII

    • Date: Thursday Dec 17, 2020
    • Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
    • Speaker: Alan Emery of The Stable Climate Group
    • Topic: Net Zero 2050? Canada’s Options in a Human-Caused Hot World
    • Registration:
  • IEEE Canada Technology Leadership Webinar Series – VIII

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