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IEEE members get a 35% discount on all Wiley Books. The Wiley book collection, which includes all titles from Wiley-IEEE Press, spans numerous content areas, including bioengineering, power and energy, and communication technologies, among other growing areas of research.
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Scholarships and Prizes

Scholarship and Prize Recipients

Special Grants
At the Board of Directors Meeting, which followed, the Board approved four one-time Special Grants, in the total amount of $6,000, to:
  • UBC Whistler Blackcomb Rocketry - $2,000 towards developing avionics,
  • UBC Agrobot student team - $1,000 towards developing an agricultural robot, competition,
  • First Robotics all female team - $1,500 towards robot development, competition,
  • Western University student group – $ 1,500 FSAE electric vehicle development, competition.
Scholarships worth $5000 each
The Board approved three Scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each (total $15,000) for:
  • Aashna Narang, Carleton University
  • Alexandria Shields, University of Saskatchewan
  • Robert Conrad, Dalhousie University
Dr. Raymond D. Findlay scholarship
Dr. Raymond D. Findlay scholarship in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to Annika Benson, Dalhousie University.

IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Prize
IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Prize for 2016 in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to Leanne Dawson, Southern Alberta Section. The WIE scholarship eligibility applies to “All female IEEE Canada members who received their first professional degree within the last fifteen years and who are active in IEEE activities.”

IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship
The IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship of $1,500 was awarded to Maram Yousef, University of Alberta.

Available Scholarships and Prizes

The IEEE Canadian Foundation is offering the following scholorships:

Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec
Two IEEE prizes worth $1,650 will be granted by Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec.

IEEE Canada Major Awards
Five endowed awards worth $5,000 will be granted.

The IEEE Canadian Foundation has extended the availability of the following two 2020 Scholarships through to the August 15 submission date, November 15 if not awarded earlier.

RTH Alden Scholarship
$1,500 University or College, any level, demonstrate your writing skills.

Gargantini-Strybosch Scholarship
$5,000 University, entering (or just started) second undergraduate year, first in family at university, brightness, integrity, engagement, commitment.

IEEE Canadian Foundation

Annual General Meeting

The IEEE Canadian Foundation held its Annual General Meeting via teleconference on April 8, 2020. The Board, supported by the external auditors, recognized 2019 as another good year for philanthropic activities, exemplified by prudent financial management, rigorous review of applications and broadening of development activity. Director David Whyte was reappointed for a three year term. The Board reappointed all current Officers for the standard one year Officer terms. New Members appointed are Iyub Adam – Northern Canada Section, Rafid Dewan – Ottawa Section, Lee Vishloff – Vancouver Section.

The Board assessed potential COVID-19 risks to key operational areas such as investment income, donation levels and student activity/engagement with its programs. The Board will “stay-the-course” , while being extra vigilant about changing circumstances.

Volunteer Appreciation

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, the IEEE Canadian Foundation thanks all of its volunteers for their contributions of time, talent and treasure in support of the IEEE Canadian Foundation activities. Thank-you also goes to all donors for making this possible and for their continued support.

Special Grants Report

The IEEE Canadian Foundation supported, by one time Special Grant, the IEEE Carleton University Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) held on Jan. 23, 2020 in Ottawa. This is an annual formal dinner with invited speakers and guests, organized by students, which provides engineering and computer science students and professionals from academia and industry a chance to get together and network. This year, over 100 industry professionals, 20 faculty members, and 180 engineering and computer science students from Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and Algonquin College attended the SPAC. The patrons included Cisco Systems, General Dynamics, Nokia, Ross Video, Martello Technologies, Ciena, Elis Don, IEEE Ottawa Section and others. The objective of the event to help students find co-op opportunities, internships, research positions, explore and, in due course, select their right career paths in industry and academia was achieved successfully. This also provided a wider recognition of IEEE among both students and professionals.

IEEE Canadian Foundation 25/25 Campaign

2020 is IEEE Canada 25th Anniversary! IEEE Canadian Foundation 25/25 Campaign invites a first-time or incremental $25 gift to celebrate 25 years of IEEE Canada – IEEE Canadian Foundation successful work that benefited many IEEE members and nonmembers.

Double Your Gift to the IEEE Canadian Foundation

Your employer may have a charitable gift matching program. Typically, these programs match your personal contribution to registered Canadian charities. Each plan is different, and not always publicized, so please ask your HR department or look into your employee benefits. The IEEE Canadian foundation is a registered charity and operates under Canada Revenue Agency registration number 102450376RR0001.
You may be eligible to participate in your company's charitable gift matching program if you are a:
  • full time or part time employee,
  • pensioner/retiree,
  • spouse of an employee,
  • widow(er) of someone formerly employed at that company,
  • member of the Board of Directors.
If gift matching is available in your workplace, please spread the word with your IEEE colleagues there – and let us know about your experience.


Upcoming IEEE Standards Meetings


Date: 22 June, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)
Speaker: Tom Coughlin of IEEE USA
Topic: IEEE-USA Supports Public Policy For A Better World

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