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Issue: September 2012                                                        IEEE Canada News Central



This Issue's Content:


      IEEE, Inc.

-     Two Candidates for IEEE President Elect 2013


      IEEE Canada Board of Directors

-     Renew Your Membership for 2012
-     Membership Dues in Special Circumstances


      IEEE Canadian Foundation

-     Donate by IEEE Membership Renewal
-     McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant applications
-     Important Dates and Grant Application Deadlines


      Your News

-     Kitchener Waterloo Section posts upcoming events online
-     HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online
-     Kingston Section posts upcoming events online
-     London Section posts upcoming events online
-     New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online
-     South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online
-     Winnipeg Section posts upcoming events online
-     Northern Canada Section posts upcoming events online
-     North Saskatchewan Section posts upcoming events online
-     Vancouver Section posts upcoming events online
-     Montreal Section posts upcoming events online
-     Ottawa Section posts upcoming events online
-     Toronto Section posts upcoming events online


      News of Interest

-     Opening: tenure-track position in Software Engineering: University of Regina
-     VTC 2012 FALL
-     Montreal Chapter: distinguished lecture on the future of wireless
-     IEEE Canada on Facebook!
-     The Latest from The Personal
-     Your Life is On Your Computer. Back it Up
-     MBNA Credit card for Members of IEEE- Canada
-     Canada Professional Liability Insurance
-     IEEE Member Group Insurance Program-Celebrating 50 years!
-     September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!
-     Positions available from Engineering Careers!


      Our Members in the Spotlight

-     2012 IEEE Canada J.M. Ham Medal: Safa Kasap
-     2012 IEEE Canada W.S. Read Outstanding Service Gold Medal: Vijay Bhargava


      Call for Papers

-     Canadian Tracking and Fusion Group Workshop 2012
-     2012 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference
-     2012 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
-     3rd Climate Change Technology Conference (CCTC 2013)


      Conferences and Workshops

-     Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada
-     All IEEE Conferences in Canada



This Issue's Content:


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     IEEE, Inc.

Two Candidates for IEEE President Elect 2013

The ballot has been issued! Please vote for your candidate!

IEEE: the path ahead
Roberto de Marca
2013 IEEE President Elect candidate

Throughout the past 128 years IEEE and its predecessor organizations have built an enviable reputation and prestige as the most authoritative source of unbiased quality technology related information and preferred place for networking of professionals working in electrical, electronic, computer, communications engineering and related areas. Recently, however, there has been a significant change in the pace and demographics of how technology is developed, in how people manage their careers and also in how society networks. These profound changes require IEEE to adapt so that it can maintain its leadership. Challenges include: how to interact with the new industry, how to prepare professionals for a career where they will experience several job changes and positions that increasingly require multidisciplinary knowledge, how to attract very busy young professionals, and how to engage and provide services to top-notch professionals that are located in different parts of the world.

I firmly believe that to attract more members and volunteers, in particular young professionals, IEEE must assert its leadership in new technologies. These are technologies where industries and governments worldwide will be investing their money and opening job positions. It is very important to engage global industry leaders in defining the content and distribution format of the services they feel are of interest and to create places in IEEE's governance structure that will allow these leaders to contribute.

Due to the new career dynamics, it seems clear that lifelong education will be essential for professional career success. Actually the area of Education has been traditionally challenging for IEEE. In the past, it has seen limited success with its educational products. However engineering and technology professionals of the future will be required to be very adaptive throughout their careers. Globalization has transformed the job market. A successful engineer will have to be competitive internationally and not only locally. The exponential pace and diversity of technology advances will bring his or her professional qualifications constantly near obsolescence. This creates a wealth opportunities for IEEE. IEEE can play a very important role in continuing education, taking the leadership in creative and effective use of on-line techniques, and again listening to what industry has to say about topic relevance and how the content should be offered. In summary, IEEE must seize the opportunity to become also the authoritative source for educational products worldwide.

As in any activity in life, nurturing the young is critical for a bright future. IEEE must address the career needs of young professionals worldwide taking into account regional differences. In addition to continuing education/training opportunities that facilitate career progress, including ones dedicated to soft skills related to behavior in the work environment, there is a need to facilitate access to IEEE leadership positions and to establish mechanisms for information access at reasonable costs for these professionals.

Yet another challenge comes from the new social networking tools that make community building and professional collaboration easier, dynamic and without the need of a structured entity. The question then is: how will professional organizations, like IEEE, continue to be the place of choice for technical communities in the new and evolving social networking world?

IEEE and its units will have to devise new services that offer significant value over what will be possible to obtain from open social networking environments. They will also have to be flexible in structure and be nimble in adapting to changes in technology, society and the evolving make up of professional communities. It will have to learn how to make efficient use of existing platforms to improve its reach to the community and at the same time use the creativity and expertise of its volunteers to develop new collaboration tools that will add value to IEEE's products/services and activities allowing it to stay ahead of eventual competitors.

In order to succeed in facing these challenges IEEE will necessarily have to be more efficient in managing its infrastructure costs and its priorities. It should not overburden its volunteers with financial concerns. They should always be motivated to give their best and to have fun in serving this extraordinary organization that I am proud to be a part of.

Roberto de Marca received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from USC, Los Angeles, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He is an IEEE Fellow and a full member of the Brazilian National Academies of Sciences and of Engineering. He was 2008 IEEE Vice President, Technical Activities, and was the 2000-2001 President, IEEE Communications Society. Dr. de Marca was Scientific Director of the Brazilian National Research Council, managing a $300 million funding program, and was a member of the presidential advisory board of Finep, Brazil's largest funding agency for R&D&I. Among his several international assignments, he twice served as scientific consultant with AT&T Bell Laboratories; was a visiting professor with the HKUST, Hong Kong; and was a guest scientist with NEC Laboratories Europe.

Old Verities and New Paradigms in Engineering Education
Tariq S. Durrani
2013 IEEE President Elect candidate

IEEE Educational Activities - Engineering Education is the lifeblood of the IEEE, enshrined in the IEEE Constitution, which states that the "purposes" of the IEEE are scientific and educational; and the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) is the IEEE interface for education-related work. I have had the good fortune of steering EAB as 2010-2011 IEEE Vice President. This brief essay covers a subset of the work of IEEE EAB and then includes my views on future directions for engineering education. EAB is concerned with the complete spectrum of educational activities, including support for pre-college education, university education, professional education; accreditation to meet and maintain quality of higher education; Standards education and support for Women in Engineering.

On Pre-College Education - EAB offers invaluable resources for educational opportunities in engineering. The IEEE-EAB flagship Web-site includes information on accredited educational programs from over 3000 universities in 33 countries, and more. Contents of the site are available in nine languages - Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic, making it a truly global offering. Popularity of the site shows tremendous growth, with some 6.8 Million hits in 2011, and 68000 visitors per month on average. The related 'Teacher-in -Service Program' -TISP offers hands-on training to school teachers and IEEE volunteers, to support in-school teaching and learning of science, mathematics and technology disciplines. Since their inception, TISP Workshops have been attended by 2203 participants from all IEEE 10 Regions, and now the Program reaches 410,000+ students in over 18 countries each year, through teachers trained on TISP. In 2011, four workshops were held, attended by 436 participants from Scotland (Region 8), Ontario, Canada (R7), India (R10) and Saudi Arabia (R8).

On University Education - A key mission of the EAB is to support improvements in the quality of engineering education worldwide through Global Accreditation. In addition to the US, notable successes have been achieved in Latin America, India, China, the Caribbean and the Gulf Region. Another EAB initiative - Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) -empowers university students to work with high school students on community service-related engineering projects, with the objective of exposing university students to service-learning. EAB's Real World Engineering Projects (RWEP) offers funding upto US$10,000 to faculty, on a competitive basis, to prepare material primarily for freshmen classes that reflect Real World Engineering concepts. On Continuing Education - The IEEE e-learning library comprises of over 200 courses on most aspects of engineering, available to IEEE members for career enhancement, and is particularly relevant to practicing engineers.

New Paradigms - Engineering Education is changing rapidly, where the old verities of teacher centred education are giving way to new paradigms of learner focussed education. The ready availability of educational resources, online and in real time, is transforming the role of the educator from that of deliverer and provider of knowledge, to one of facilitator of knowledge and information acquisition, i.e., as an agent of learning. This change, coupled with group learning, problem-based and project- oriented education offers new paradigms that make engineering education exciting and innovative. The need to prepare learners for employability, while maintaining an emphasis on the fundamentals, presents interesting challenges for curriculum designers. The attendant requirement of enhancing the academic, personal and professional development of learners, to meet changing practices of the profession and employers, has opened up new opportunities and fresh pedagogies for engineering education.

A consequence of this requirement is the concept of developing T - shaped engineers, where the vertical bar of the T represents in-depth knowledge of science and mathematics and a thorough grooming in functional/technical skills, while the horizontal bar reflects versatility -the ability to apply knowledge across situations. This could include a range of broad business skills that help engineers to operate more effectively in the Engineering world, where the four key areas of Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity/Innovation are much in favor. The T-shaped engineers of the future symbolize a new genre; well prepared to solve the diverse and complex problems confronting the world today and well armed to deal with the grand challenges of the twenty-first century.

Tariq Durrani is Research Professor at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Scotland. He was 2000-06 Deputy Principal, second highest position at Strathclyde, and 1990-94 EEE Department Chair of one of the largest in Europe. He has authored 350 publications and supervised over 40 PhD theses. He was 1994-5 President IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2007-9 President IEEE Engineering Management Society; 2010-11 IEEE Vice President Educational Activities Board. He has held Directorships in eight organizations, including Board Member Scottish Funding Council and Director UK National Commission for UNESCO. He is Fellow IEEE, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Edinburgh and UK IET. In 2003, Queen Elizabeth awarded him the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for "services to electronics research and higher education".

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     IEEE Canada Board of Directors

Renew Your Membership for 2012

You can start renewing your membership for 2012. Remember, IEEE membership can connect you with professionals who can open doors to many opportunities. There are also many online resources available to members (e.g. online books and publications). Use your IEEE Web Account and password to renew online at

Membership Dues in Special Circumstances

IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. For this reason, the following special circumstance categories have been established. Special circumstances are not available to Student members. Only one category may be claimed in any year.

-  Minimum Income Provision

-  Retired Provision

-  Unemployed Provision

-  Permanently Disabled

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     IEEE Canadian Foundation

Donate by IEEE Membership Renewal

The IEEE Canadian Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the IEEE in Canada, is happy to accept your contributions when you renew your IEEE membership in the fall each year.

Just select the IEEE Canadian Foundation as your choice when you complete your annual IEEE membership renewal form (paper or web version).

Please note that this method enables you to make a contribution to the IEEE Canadian Foundation General Fund only. To make a contribution to one or more of our other funds, please consider donating online or donating by mail.

If you are a Canadian IEEE Life Member and wish to participate in our Canadian Life Member Fund "Thank You" program, please view this web page.

McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant applications

Qualified student branches are encouraged to start preparing now to submit comprehensive, well justified applications and to ensure time to arrange the three required letters of support all by the November 15 deadline. Applications that seek to create new Centres or revitalize Centres that time has passed by are especially welcome.

The Project Completion Reports were submitted for two ICF Special Grants awarded in 2012.

1. Communicate Your Research Conference was successfully organized, and hosted an audience of 100 engineering students from McGill and Concordia universities and featured renowned science communicators as invited speakers. The student participants benefited from advice on how to improve skills in communicating their research work to a broad audience, both orally and in writing. After the conference, students not involved in the summer research expressed interest in contributing to Technophilic Magazine - the student voice of science, engineering & technology, started at McGill University in 2009.

2. The robotics team "Gears of Glebe" formed of grade 9-12 high school students of Glebe Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, successfully competed in Toronto FIRST West robotics competition and Toronto VEX competition. During these competitions the students met and interacted with other students. Each student gained better understanding of engineering and more real life experiences than any classroom could provide. Team members improved their management, leadership, organization and engineering skills that will serve them in their future.

Important Dates and Grant Application Deadlines

Important Dates for McNaughton Centre Grant Applications(awarded once each year at the ICF December Board meeting):

  • September 14-16, 2012

  • IEEE Canada Student Branch Congress (Workshop) (where information about grants is provided by the Foundation)

  • November 15, 2012 - Applications must be received by the Foundation

  • December 15, 2012 - Applicants are to be notified by the Foundation

Deadlines for Special Grant and Vehicular Technologies Grant Applications Applications must be received by the Foundation by:

  • August 15, 2012

  • November 15, 2012

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     Your News

Kitchener Waterloo Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Kitchener Waterloo Section:

HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Hamilton Section:

Kingston Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Kingston Section:

London Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the London Section:

New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the New Brunswick Section:

South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the South Alberta Section:

Winnipeg Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Winnipeg Section:

Northern Canada Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Northern Canada Section:

Northern Saskatchewan Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Northern Saskatchewan Section:

Vancouver Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Vancouver Section:

Montreal Section posts upcoming events online

Please find the IEEE Montreal Section Newsletter (Issue 6, January 2012):

The IEEE Montreal Section ExCom would like to thank to all contributors and editors.

The previous issues (# 5, Nov. 2011) can be accessed through:

Ottawa Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Ottawa Section:

Toronto Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Toronto Section:

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     News of Interest

Opening: tenure-track position in Software Engineering: University of Regina

Applications are invited for a tenure-track faculty position in the Software Systems Engineering program in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Regina. The preferred candidate should have the ability to teach undergraduate and graduate courses, and conduct research in the field of software engineering (including: Software Process, Requirements Analysis, Embedded Systems, Real-Time Systems, Distributed Computing, Software Agents, Internet and Multimedia Computing, Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering). Applicants should have an earned Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science. The successful candidate will have a strong commitment to quality undergraduate and graduate teaching, growing the undergraduate program, and the development of an independent research program. Demonstrated leadership skills are an asset, and industrial experience is valued. Applicants should have the appropriate credentials for registration as a Professional Engineer in Canada.

Applications can be submitted online at by October 31, 2012.


Date: September 3 to 6, 2012
Location: Qubec City, QC, Canada

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) is the flagship conference sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society since 1950, and is held twice a year since 1999. The objectives of the conference are to bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. It constitutes an established and dynamic forum for the exchange of information on the latest developments in the above-mentioned fields from both fundamental and practical standpoints. As such, the conference is characterized by healthy and global representations from both industry and academia.

VTC 2012 Fall will be held in Quebec City from September 3 to 6, 2012. The conference venue is the Quebec City Convention Center. Located in the heart of Qubec City, the Convention Centre is a modern, state-of-the-art facility offering impeccable amenities, a warm atmosphere, a delectable dining experience, and a whole lot more. In 2003, it was ranked among the 3 best convention centres in the world by the prestigious International Association of Congress Centres. Abundant accommodations are available for various budgets within walking distance of the convention center, as well as the highest concentration of restaurants in North America. Furthermore, many of the historical landmarks and attractions of Quebec City, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, are also within walking distance.

Montreal Chapter: distinguished lecture on the future of wireless

Date: Tuesday September 04th
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: Concordia University, Room EV003.309

Current wireless systems are one-way (similar to walkie to transmit and to receive. Realization of two believed to be impossible. This talk introduces a new theoretical framework for two realization (over-the-air transmission in the ISM band). In contrast to the widely accepted belief, it is established that two way wireless is not only possible, but is fairly simple, with virtually no degradation in signal developed to support multiple antenna (MIMO) two applications). More importantly, it is shown that, due to the broadcast nature of wireless transmission, two do much more than just doubling the rate

Dr. Khandani is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Waterloo. He received his B.Sc/M.Sc. degree from Tehran University, Iran, and Ph.D. degree joined the University of Waterloo in 1993. He currently holds the RIM Information Theory and a Canada Research Chair on Wireless Systems. Prior to Industrial Research Chair funded by Nortel. He has supervised more than 40 PhD students, 30 master's students, 30 post-doctoral fellows and 10 research engineers. His former team members have successful careers in industry and academia across the globe.

IEEE Canada on Facebook!

By request a new IEEE Canada Facebook page has been created. Please join the group and get involved with discussions taking place.

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Positions available from Engineering Careers!

For more information: look up a job under the following link and input the corresponding Job ID.

E.g. For job id: 1180117

Job ID Job Title Posting Date Job Location
1180117 Communications Specialists 07-Dec-11 CAN-ON-MISSISSAUGA
1180281 Director Communications and Marketing 08-Dec-11 CAN-ON-OTTAWA
1180137 Supervisor Communications 07-Dec-11 CAN-ON-GUELPH
1179984 Manager Online Engagement 06-Dec-11 CAN-ON-OTTAWA
1179982 Director Customer Insight and Analytics 06-Dec-11 CAN-ON-TORONTO
1180189 Marketing Specialist; One year contract; St John office, New Brunswick 07-Dec-11 CAN-NB-SAINT JOHN
1180287 Senior Marketing Officer / Agent principal de marketing 08-Dec-11 CAN-ON-OTTAWA
1180427 Canada Integrated Marketing Manager 09-Dec-11 CAN-ON-TORONTO






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     Our Members in the Spotlight

2012 IEEE Canada J.M. Ham Medal: Safa Kasap

Safa Kasap (SMIEEE) is currently a professor and Canada Research Chair in Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices at the University of Saskatchewan. He obtained his BS EE (1976) and PhD (1983) from Imperial College at the University of London, specializing in optoelectronic materials and devices.

His ability to illuminate both basic principles and advances in this field is evidenced by world-wide adoption of his undergraduate- and graduate-level books. His McGraw- Hill Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices (originally published in 1996, currently in 3rd Edition) is an undergraduate course staple at numerous major universities, and has translations in Korean, Chinese and Greek. His other undergraduate textbook Optoelectronics and Photonics: Principles and Practices (Prentice Hall, 2001) has been translated to Korean and Chinese, and is also widely used around the globe; he has just finished the second edition. At the graduate and professional level, Safa has co-edited The Springer Handbook of Electronic and Photonic Materials (2006) and The Cambridge Illustrated Handbook of Optoelectronics and Photonics (2009). In 1996 he set-up Web-Materials, one of the first educational websites that still continues today with numerous selected topics in electronic materials and devices for undergraduates and practicing professionals.

Safa's educator skills have been well-recognized by a number of invited workshop lectures to both undergraduate and graduate students; in 2007 he was awarded a prestigious JSPS Fellowship to give a series of lectures in Japan for six weeks. Safa is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, CAE, EIC, SPIE, IET, and the City and Guilds London Institute (FCGI) in the UK.

2012 IEEE Canada W.S. Read Outstanding Service Gold Medal: Vijay Bhargava

Vijay Bhargava (FIEEE) is currently professor at the University of British Columbia, completing all of his post secondary education at Queen's University in Kingston. Previously he held positions with the Indian Institute of Science, Concordia University, and the University of Victoria.

His many years of service for IEEE Region 7 (Canada) began in Montreal Section. He served as Student Branch counsellor at Concordia, then in various capacities including Section Chair, and later similarly in Victoria Section. In 1987 he founded the IEEE Pacific Rim Conference in Communications, Computers and Signal Processing-now a well-established biennial conference in Victoria. In the same year Vijay was appointed editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which had been struggling financially. To generate funding he founded the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is now a flagship conference of IEEE Canada celebrating its Silver Anniversary. He served as the Director of Region 7 (Canada) during 1992 and 1993. During his tenure he forged new programs, initiated steps for the creation of IEEE Canada, and led the building of a massive reserve for the Region. He was nominated twice for the Office of IEEE President-Elect.

A Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the EIC, Vijay's teaching, research and service to the profession have been recognized through various awards, including IEEE Canada's Outstanding Engineering Educator Award in 2010. He is married to Yolande Henri of Warwick, Qubec. Their son Alexandre is a behavioural neurologist and daughter Maude is a clinical dietitian.


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     Call for Papers

Canadian Tracking and Fusion Group Workshop 2012

Date: September 12-14, 2012
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Canadian researchers and practitioners working on target tracking and sensor fusion for surveillance, with applications in civilian and defence domains, are invited to present their work describing advances, applications, and ideas. Presentations on all aspects of multi-target tracking and multi-sensor/multi-source information fusion, both theory and application, with submissions on both established and emerging topics, are encouraged. Accepted presentations will be included in the workshop CD. This workshop will also feature keynote speeches by distinguished experts in the field and new technology demonstrations by industry participants.


2012 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference

Date: October 10-12, 2012
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

The annual Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC 2012) will take place in London, Ontario, Canada from October 10 to 12, 2012.

London is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario midway between Toronto and Detroit.

The conference is an opportunity for electric power and energy systems experts from industry, academia, and other interested organizations to discuss the latest developments in the field. This may include debate on the potential impact of these developments including discussions on regulatory and policy aspects. EPEC 2012 is hosted by the Sections of the Central Area of IEEE Canada and IEEE Canada (IEEE Region 7): London Section, Kitchener/Waterloo Section, Hamilton Section, Toronto Section, Peterborough Section, and Kingston Section.

EPEC 2012 proceedings are included in EI Compendex, IEEE Xplore and ISI Proceedings.


2012 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

Date: October 21-24, 2012
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

GHTC is sponsored by R6 and the Seattle Section, with Engineering for Change (E4C). The call for proposal is located at

Deadline for paper submissions is April 20, 2012.

This 2nd annual conference provides the perfect venue for anyone involved in humanitarian projects to join their peers in Seattle. The audience for this conference will include technologists, representatives from NGOs, governments, academe, funders and industry. This will provide an opportunity to share your work, meet others involved in humanitarian technology, create new projects and meet with funders.

3rd Climate Change Technology Conference (CCTC 2013)

Date: May 27-29, 2013
Location: Montreal, Quebec

The 3rd Climate Change Technology Conference (CCTC 2013) is a Canadian and international forum for the exchange of ideas for dealing with climate change. It is also an opportunity to keep abreast of emerging techniques and technologies for the mitigation of, and adaptation to, the impacts of climate change. The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and ten of its member societies are organizing CCTC 2013, which will be held on the campus of Concordia University in Montreal.

The very success of our species has led to a situation in which this planet's finite resources must be considered in all future planning. This conference is dedicated to the study and exposition of the status and prospects of engineering in support of a bright future for humanity in the midst of a rapidly changing and uncertain environment, both physical and sociological due to climate change.



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All IEEE Conferences in Canada

Find information about these and all IEEE Conferences in Canada here.

Upcoming Events

Many IEEE Canada sections maintain their own listings of upcoming events:

Canadian Atlantic






Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northern Canada


Southern Alberta






Submission Information

I look forward to receiving news/article(s) from your sections and/or yours or other IEEE colleagues' achievements for the newsletter. Please forward any such correspondence by the 20th of the month to the Editor at







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