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Issue: : September 2010                                                        IEEE Canada News Central



This Issue's Content:


ě      IEEE Canada Board of Directors

-     IEEE Day - Celebration Begins 7 October 2010
-     Call for Nominations - MGA Awards - Recognizing Outstanding IEEE Volunteers
-     New templates available for IEEE web sites
-     Renew Your Membership for 2010
-     Membership Dues in Special Circumstances


ě      Your News

-     HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online
-     New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online
-     Ottawa Section talks about multicore acceleration for mass spectroscopy
-     South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online
-     Vancouver Section celebrates IEEE milestone: Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory


ě      News of Interest

-     Humanitarian initiatives: Student Design Competition 2010-2011
-     IEEE President Elect and Director Elect - Candidates
-     Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members
-     IEEE Career services
-     Auto Insurance Rates Update, from The Personal
-     Your Life is On Your Computer. Back it Up
-     IEEE MasterCard« credit card
-     Member Benefit - HP


ě      Our Members in the Spotlight

-     2010 IEEE Canada Power Medal: John Densley
-     2010 IEEE Canada Computer Medal: Mohamed Kamel


ě      Call for Papers

-     ISOT 2010 International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies


ě      Conferences and Workshops

-     Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada
-     All IEEE Conferences in Canada



This Issue's Content:


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ě     IEEE Canada Board of Directors

IEEE Day - Celebration Begins 7 October 2010

IEEE Day is a global event planned for 7 - 8 October 2010, in recognition of IEEE members -- past, present, and future -- on the anniversary of the first time IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. IEEE organizational units (regions, sections, chapters, affinity groups, student branches, etc.) are encouraged to participate by providing local events for their members and encouraging the use of social networking to communicate members' technological achievements, interests, and successes. IEEE Day is on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

IEEE Day is a project initiated by Salima Kaissi, a Region 8 GOLD member, through the 2010 MGA Challenge. The concept was further developed by a group of interested GOLD and Student volunteers and is sponsored by IEEE Member and Geographic Activities.

IEEE Day is a project that grounds its roots in a simple concept: Celebrate everywhere around the world the achievements of IEEE members. The project aims to build a platform and a network where all IEEE members, affinity groups, sections, regions, chapters, societies, and technology lovers in general can organize events in their home locations. Any type of event is welcome!

Put IEEE Day -- 7 - 8 October 2010 -- on your calendar and start thinking of creative ways to participate in the excitement. Use IEEE Day to tell us about yourself, share your work, and get to know your fellow members.

Call for Nominations - MGA Awards - Recognizing Outstanding IEEE Volunteers

You can help recognize the efforts of outstanding volunteers by nominating candidates for one of the prestigious Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Awards. Each award has a unique mission and criteria and offers the opportunity to honor distinguished colleagues, inspiring teachers, and corporate leaders.

If you know someone who has made substantial regional contributions through innovative projects, exemplary leadership, service, or by fulfilling the goals as related to transnational activities, consider nominating them for one of the following awards:

  • MGA Achievement Award

  • MGA Innovation Award

  • MGA Leadership Award

  • MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

  • MGA GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Achievement Award

Please complete the Online Award Nomination Form. ! The deadline for nominations is 15 October 2010.

MGA also presents Friend of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Awards, which specifically recognize support provided to IEEE and its members, in support of its goals, by firms, divisions of firms, or individuals. Nominators can submit Individuals or Organizations for Friend Awards, and awards can be earned at the Supporting or Sustaining level. Please complete the Online Award Nomination Form. There is no deadline for these awards, which are presented throughout the year.

Please e-mail MGA Awards with any questions about the MGA Awards and Recognition Program.

New templates available for IEEE websitesd

Customized sub-site templates are now available to volunteers tasked with producing Web content for an IEEE society, conference or program sub-site. Designed by the Corporate Web Team, with help from a number of IEEE stakeholders and an outside vendor, the templates provide site maps (starter information architecture documents) and a collection of HTML pages and files for each of the three common types of sites.

This resource is intended to enable IEEE groups to more easily develop cost-effective Web sites that leverage the IEEE brand, adhere to IEEE guidelines and styles, and drive user engagement.

Volunteers can request access to these templates by filling out the contact form.

Learn more about IEEE Web sub-site templates at

Renew Your Membership for 2010

If you have not renewed by the end of February 2010, please do so ASAP. Remember, IEEE membership can connect you with professionals who can open doors to many opportunities. There are also many online resources available to members (e.g. online books and publications). Use your IEEE Web Account and password to renew online at

Membership Dues in Special Circumstances

IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. For this reason, the following special circumstance categories have been established. Special circumstances are not available to Student members. Only one category may be claimed in any year.

-  Minimum Income Provision

-  Retired Provision

-  Unemployed Provision

-  Permanently Disabled

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ě     Your News

HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the the Hamilton Section:

Ottawa Section talks about multicore acceleration for mass spectroscopy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Room 5084, SITE Building, University of Ottawa

ABSTRACT: The talk will begin by explaining how computational acceleration of scientific computing can lead to higher confidence protein identification in the context of tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). By bringing offline data analysis 'into the loop', we hope to control the instrument in real-time and achieve information-driven MS/MS. A key component of such a system involves exact string matching, where short query peptides must be searched against entire proteomes within strict real-time requirements. To this end, we have developed a number of exact string matching algorithms suitable for implementation on multicore architectures. Search throughput results are presented for the Cell B/E and NVDIA CUDA GPGPU platforms including performance comparisons with contemporary approaches. At present we are able to search the entire human proteome within less than 3ms using a commodity graphics card, satisfying the requirements for an information-driven MS/MS system.

For detailed information:

New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the New Brunswick Section:

South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the South Alberta Section:

Vancouver Section celebrates IEEE milestone: DRAO

Saturday, September 25 , 2010, 10:00 to 17:00, NRC Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory 717 White Lake Road, Kaleden, BC

The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO), located near Penticton, BC, is Canada's leading facility for radio and solar astronomy. Operated by the National Research Council of Canada's Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, the facility is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.

The IEEE Board of Directors has approved the IEEE History Committee's recommendation that the DRAO's pioneering work in Very Long Baseline Interferometry be recognized as an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing with the following citation: First Radio Astronomical Observations Using VLBI, 1967

On the morning of 17 April 1967, radio astronomers used this radiotelescope at DRAO and a second one at the Algonquin Radio Observatory located 3074 km away to make the first successful radio astronomical observations using Very Long Baseline Interferometry. Today, VLBI networks span the globe, extend into space and continue to make significant contributions to both radio astronomy and geodesy . At a dedication ceremony to be held during the DRAO Open House on Saturday, 25 September 2010, Prof. Om Malik, the President of IEEE Canada, and Prof. Dave Michelson, Chair of IEEE Vancouver Section, will unveil a pair of bronze plaques that give the citation in both official languages.

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ě     News of Interest

Humanitarian initiatives: Student Design Competition 2010-2011

TITLE:                     Student Design Competition 2010-2011
CONTACT:            Alfredo Herrera, chair IEEE Canada HIC
ORGANIZED BY: IEEE-Canada Humanitarian Initiatives Committee

ABSTRACT: We are proud to welcome Canadian students to the first HIC humanitarian student design competition. The competition is open to undergraduate and master students enrolled in a Canadian college or university. It provides a venue for students to show how design, creativity, and innovation can be used for the betterment of society and for the advancement of humanity; it is a practical experience of the constrains and conditions students will face in industry. An abstract of the winner's work will be published in one of the IEEE publications. Prizes will be awarded as follows: first prize, CND $1000; second prize, CND $700; third prize, CND $300.

For this year's competition, we have decided to focus on improving or innovating parts of the WE CARE Solar's system ( Students interested in participating in a more general humanitarian topic are encouraged to submit a proposal to the IEEE Presidents' Change the World Competition (

WE CARE Solar promotes a safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and blood bank refrigeration using solar electricity. A link to a 45 minute presentation by Dr. Stachel is available in our website, it describes WE CARE Solar's mission and system.

IEEE Canada has established the Humanitarian Initiatives Committee (HIC) to promote IEEE core value of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity; raising awareness of how IEEE Canada can best use its strengths and relevant technologies to address societal problems; providing leadership, encouragement, and support to Sections and Chapters interested in humanitarian initiatives; identifying and inventorying humanitarian activities across Canada; and coordinating activities with IEEE worldwide humanitarian committees and initiatives.

We are looking forward to your participation.

IEEE President Elect and Director Elect - Candidates

Ballots for IEEE (world wide) elections will be mailed out in August. Your choice of IEEE President (worldwide) directly affects your services and benefits as a member. Your vote makes a great difference as the one you would have hoped to win may lose by only a few votes. You Count! Canada's Vote Counts!

This year, there are only two candidates for the 2011 position:

Joseph V. Lillie (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
Gordon W. Day (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Please visit the website to learn of candidates for other positions, and exercise your privilege as a member in the world's largest professional organisation:

As an example, for Division Seven (Energy and Power Engineering) & Director Elect candidates are:

Mohamed E. El-Hawary (Nominated by Petition)
Saifur Rahman (Nominated by IEEE Division VII)
Cheryl (Cheri) A. Warren (Nominated by IEEE Division VII)

Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members

In response to Section Congress recommendation, the IEEE is offering e-books and webinars free to all IEEE members. Check out the free e-books and archived webinars at:

IEEE Career services

Looking for a new job? Check out the following site! The

Auto Insurance Rates Update, from The Personal

When it comes to home and auto insurance, it pays to shop and compare prices. Did you know that The Personal reviews their home and auto insurance rates for IEEE members to make sure you're always getting a competitive price?

If you have not yet received a quote from The Personal, there's never been a better time to take advantage of this IEEE member benefit. If you have received a quote in the past, we encourage you to get a new quote to see how much you could save today. For a home or auto insurance quote, call 1-888-476-8737 or visit

Certain conditions apply.

Your Life is On Your Computer. Back it Up

Mozy is offering IEEE members its online backup services at an exclusive discounted rate. Protect your most important business documents, home movies, photos, music and other digital information stored on your computer. Mozy securely backs up all of your data off-site so in case of hard drive crash, lost laptop or virus so you can easily restore what's most important. Every photo, document, or song. Safe with Mozy. Visit to get started.

IEEE MasterCard« credit card

Every time you use your card for a purchase, a financial contribution will be made to the IEEE on your behalf!

Plus you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Around-the-clock fraud protection

  • Unparalleled 24-hour customer service

To learn more about this exciting opportunity simply call 1-877-428-6060 and reference priority code CIGI.

Member Benefit - HP

New! HP introduces web site for IEEE Members in Canada

>Members in Canada can now shop at and receive their IEEE member discounts on eligible HP desktops, notebooks and workstations. Members also have the option to call HP directly at 1-877-231-4351 to order. Please remember to mention HPIEEE to receive your discount. The program offers shoppers a low price guarantee, so members can be assured that their site offers them the best possible pricing. Members with questions can call HP at 1-877-231-4351. Thank you!


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ě     Our Members in the Spotlight

2010 IEEE Canada Power Medal: John Densley

John Densley (FIEEE) graduated from the University of London (U.K.) with a B. Sc. (Eng.) and Ph.D. in 1964 and 1967, respectively. He joined the National Research Council of Canada in 1968 where he set up a research program that focused on the aging mechanisms of extruded medium voltage power cables that were failing prematurely in service. The work determined the important parameters in the electrical degradation and helped establish conditions for standard accelerated aging tests. Dr. Densley was made a Fellow of the IEEE in 1987 for this work.

In 1991 Dr. Densley moved to Ontario Hydro Research Labs, which later became Kinectrics, where he worked on diagnostic techniques to assess the condition of high voltage equipment. This involved carrying out fundamental studies of insulation degradation such as measuring partial discharge, space charge and electroluminescence phenomena. The results were used in the development of instrumentation and to improve data interpretation. Dr. Densley retired in September 2000 and now does consulting and volunteer committee work. He is active in the IEEE DEIS and in the Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC) of the PES, where he is Chair of the Subcommittee on Field testing and Diagnostics and Chair of two Working groups preparing cable standards. He was awarded in 2008 the ICC George H. Bahder Memorial Award for "significant contributions to the understanding of failure mechanisms and specifically on the topic of electrical treeing in polymeric insulation materials such as XLPE and EPR". He is also active in CIGRE SC D1 and IEC.

2010 IEEE Canada Computer Medal: Mohamed Kamel

Mohamed S. Kamel (FIEEE) is Professor and Director of the Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Laboratory at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, where he holds a University Research Chair. Professor Kamel held a Canada Research Chair in Cooperative Intelligent Systems from 2001 to 2008. He received his M.A.Sc. from McMaster University and his Ph.D from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Kamel's research interests are in Computational Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Cooperative Intelligent Systems. He has authored and co-authored over 400 papers in journals and conference proceedings, 11 edited volumes, 16 chapters in books, 2 patents and industrial project reports. Under his supervision, 81 Ph.D and M.A.SC students have completedtheir degrees.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Robotics and Automation, Associate Editor of the IEEE SMC, Part A, Pattern Recognition Letters, Cognitive Neurodynamics and Pattern Recognition, member of the editorial advisory board of the International Journal of Image and Graphics and the Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing journal.

Dr. Kamel is member of ACM, PEO, Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Fellow of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). He served as consultant for General Motors, NCR, IBM, Northern Telecom and Spar Aerospace. He is co-founder of Virtek Vision Inc. of Waterloo (now part of Gerber Technology Co) and chair of its Technology Advisory Group. He served as member of the board from 1992-2008 and VP research and development from 1987 to 1992.


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ě     Call for Papers

ISOT 2010 International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies

Date: October 25-27, 2010
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada

Important Dates:
June 30, 2010 Paper Submission
July 31, 2010 Notification of acceptance
August 31, 2010 Camera Ready Papers
September 15, 2010 Early Bird Registration
September 15, 2010 Final day registration for accepted papers




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ě     Conferences

IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop

The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop will be holding its 18th Annual Workshop in Toronto, ON, January 24 - 28, 2011. The workshop which is held in Canada every 5 years, will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. The Call for Papers, attached, is open until May 1, 2010. The workshop is IEEE conference number 17140.

The workshop website is

The mission of the workshop is to provide an international forum for changing the electrical safety culture and serving to advance applications of technology, work practices, codes and regulations to prevent electrical incidents and injuries in the workplace.

The 24th Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

Date: May 8- 11, 2011
Location: Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

CCECE provides researchers, students, and practicing professionals in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Canadian venue in which they can present the latest technological advancements and discoveries. It is also a valuable opportunity to network, exchange ideas, strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations. CCECE 2011 will feature mini-symposia with papers presented from a broad range of areas in Electrical and Computer Engineering. There will be tutorial sessions in leading topics, plenary talks from senior executives in industry and academia, special sessions in hot topics, social programs, the IEEE Canada Awards and Banquet night, best student paper awards luncheon, and industrial exhibitions.


All IEEE Conferences in Canada

Find information about these and all IEEE Conferences in Canada here.

Upcoming Events

Many IEEE Canada sections maintain their own listings of upcoming events:

Canadian Atlantic





Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northern Canada


Southern Alberta






Submission Information

I look forward to receiving news/article(s) from your sections and/or yours or other IEEE colleagues' achievements for the newsletter. Please forward any such correspondence by the 20th of the month to the Editor at







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