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Issue: February 2010                                                        IEEE Canada News Central



This Issue's Content:


      IEEE Canada Board of Directors

-     IEEE Canadian Foundation: Call for Grant Applications and Nominations
-     Volunteer Wanted: Editor for Aurum Newsletter
-     Renew Your Membership for 2010
-     Membership Dues in Special Circumstances


      Your News

-     Vancouver Section investigates mobile robotics research
-     South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online
-     London Section hosts seminar in Net-Zero House
-     Newfoundland Section hosts IEEE TISP info session
-     Toronto Section Webminar: Biometrics: Solutions for Security and Authentication


      News of Interest

-     Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members
-     New Brunswick moving ahead with milestone application: Eel River HVDC
-     Ottawa WIE Section sponsors book release by Dr. Frize
-     IEEE Career services
-     New Home and Auto Group Insurance Program


      Our Members in the Spotlight

-     Obituary: Andy Sturton
-     Class of 2010 EIC Fellows from IEEE
-     Newly elevated senior members


      Call for Papers

-     IEEE IAS Electrical Safety, Technical and Mega Projects Workshop
-     2010 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation


      Conferences and Workshops

-     Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada
-     All IEEE Conferences in Canada



This Issue's Content:


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     IEEE Canada Board of Directors

IEEE Canadian Foundation: Call for Grant Applications and Nominations

March 15 is the deadline for the following:

  • IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarship Nominations

  • IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship Nominations

  • IEEE Canada Women In Engineering Prize Nominations

  • IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Travel Grant Applications

  • IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Research Grant Applications

  • IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grant Applications

Note 1: * indicates emphasis on "Technology for Humanity" projects
Note 2: All above "applications" require a formal report (using special web form) within one month of completion of the project.

Latest Success Story - UWO student travels to Shanghai to present his paper at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control with an IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Travel Grant.

Please visit our website for application and nomination details, online forms, other success stories, and learn about two of our wonderful donors. Donations can be made at any time using our secure online donation process with CRA recognized TAX receipts sent automatically by return email.

Robert T.H. (Bob) Alden, Ph.D., P.Eng., LFIEEE, FEIC,
Professor Emeritus, McMaster University
IEEE Canadian Foundation President

Volunteer Wanted: Editor for Aurum Newsletter

We are looking for a committed volunteer to become Editor of IEEE Canada's national publication for GOLD called Aurum.

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) is a dynamic group of young IEEE members to promotes a well-balanced professional life. GOLD caters to the non-technical aspects of engineering: professionalism, personal development and community involvement. GOLD's only national publication is the Aurum newsletter.

As Editor you are mainly responsible for compiling at 2 to 4 bilingual issues per year. You solicit articles from Gold Chairs from across the country and publish them in PDF on the Gold website. You also manage French translation of each issue thru the help of a French Editor. You must be a IEEE GOLD member. To view past issues please Aurum website:

If you are looking for a great way to grow, better your communication skills, and network with fellow engineers from across the country then please send an email to Dr. Ferial El-Hawary at

Renew Your Membership for 2010

If you have not renewed by the end of February 2010, please do so ASAP. Remember, IEEE membership can connect you with professionals who can open doors to many opportunities. There are also many online resources available to members (e.g. online books and publications). Use your IEEE Web Account and password to renew online at

Membership Dues in Special Circumstances

IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. For this reason, the following special circumstance categories have been established. Special circumstances are not available to Student members. Only one category may be claimed in any year.

-  Minimum Income Provision

-  Retired Provision

-  Unemployed Provision

-  Permanently Disabled

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     Your News

Vancouver Section investigates mobile robotics research

Monday, Feb 1, 2010, 7-9 pm, BCIT SW3-1750, UBC, Vancouver, BC

Talk abstract: Research into autonomous ground vehicles has been on-going at the University of British Columbia by an undergraduate student group called Thunderbird Robotics since 2004. The work began with development of an entry into the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge in which a 1991 Jeep Cherokee was converted into a telerobotic system by creating a removable robotic driver. Later this vehicle was adapted to be driven fully-autonomously to enter the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. Since then, the group has been involved in five independent, yet interlinked projects, which will be the topic of this presentation.

Speaker biography: John Meech is Professor in the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia. He is Director of CERM3 (Centre for Environmental Research in Minerals, Metals, and Materials), a multidisciplinary team of over 30 researchers who conduct studies on Mining and the Environment.

South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the South Alberta Section:

London Section hosts seminar in Net-Zero House

Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, N105 Lambton College, Sarnia, ON

"Net Zero" ((Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB's)) is the phrase that commonly refers to a building that produces at least as much renewable energy as it consumes. With the growing commitment by governments and manufacturers this goal can be achieved today. But what about tomorrow, and the ultimate goal of a truly sustainable world as it relates to building construction and use by its occupants? The presentation "The House of Today - Net Zero" will explore how the common definition can be achieved today, and expand the definition of "net zero" sustainability to other concepts of building design and assemblies using a residential building under consideration for construction in the Sarnia-Lambton area.

The speaker: David Lavender, B.Arch, OAA, LEED AP - David is a licensed architect in Michigan and Ontario withover 25 years experience with a wide variety of building types. He is a member of the OntarioAssociation of Architects and American Institute of Architects.

For more information:

Newfoundland Section hosts IEEE TISP info session

Monday, Feb 11, 2010, 7:30pm, S.J. Carew Building, Engineering Boardroom (EN4002), 4th Floor

The Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) enables IEEE volunteers to share their technical expertise and demonstrate the application of engineering concepts to support the teaching and learning of science, mathematics and technology disciplines.

The IEEE Newfoundland and Labrador Section is looking for a team of volunteers to help bring this initiative to teachers in our province. This session will give an overview of the program, its goals and suggestions for approaching teachers in our area. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about TISP and how you can be involved.

Toronto Section Webminar: Biometrics: Solutions for Security and Authentication

Monday, February 15, 2010, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Abstract: This webinar will provide an overview of the study of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. I will present the fundamentals of biometrics and biometric systems. The course will delve into why biometrics is a solution for security and authentication. Face, gait and ECG based biometrics will be covered. Biometrics and encryption will also be discussed, and the course will conclude with a discussion of future steps.

THE SPEARKER: Konstantinos N. Plataniotis is a Professor with the ECE Department at the University of Toronto. His research interests are: multimedia systems, biometrics, image & signal processing, communications systems and pattern recognition. He is a registered professional engineer in Ontario, and the Editorin-Chief (2009-2011) for the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

For registration:

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     News of Interest

Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members

In response to Section Congress recommendation, the IEEE is offering e-books and webinars free to all IEEE members. Check out the free e-books and archived webinars at:

New Brunswick moving ahead with milestone application: Eel River HVDC

The Eel River back to back HVDC Station located in northern New Brunswick is the first in the world to be designed and built with Solid State Thyristors. Prior to Eel River, HVDC was done using Mercury Valves which were very pretty in the dark but were prone to re-strikes during fault conditions. Nelson River was first to retrofit thyristors to one half of the bridges on their HVDC equipment, paving the way for a full fledged design at Eel River. Canadian General Electric designed and constructed the facility. It is a dual circuit, plus and minus 80 kVolt 2000 Amp 320 MW station to import surplus energy from Hydro Quebec over the first several years of the operation of the station. The overload capability was 10% continuous. Three synchronous condensers plus the nearby Dalhousie Generating Station were used to provide voltage support and harmonic control at the station with the several filters on each side of the station.

At that time, integrated circuits were at their infancy and reliability of these could not be predicted. All the controls were implemented using discrete mil spec components because the reliability of these could be assured. The controls include a governing and a stabilizing function which have been mutually beneficial to both the NB Power and the Hydro Quebec systems on occasion. Isolation for firing pulses were isolated using fibre optic cables, another innovation.

From a system point of view, HQ in 1970 was a 20,000 MW system, NB Power a 2000 MW system and New England and the eastern interconnection, a 200,000 MW system. Any HQ disturbances would have torn NB Power's transmission system apart if the connection had been synchronous. HVDC allowed HQ to dance at their own tune while NB Power continued synchronized to the eastern interconnection through New England.

After a third of a century of operation, the station continues to function flawlessly and provide dynamic stability with the fastest response governor on the interconnection. It is first line of defense for every large maritime area generator ( or load) lost, providing the initial boost while nuclear, hydro and steam unit governors catch up to meet the demand.

Elmer Bourque
Senior Engineer, System Performance: Retired from NB Power in 2005

Ottawa WIE Section sponsors book release by Dr. Frize

By Jennifer Ng Ain Kin, WIE Ottawa Chair

On December 1st 2009, the book launch for The Bold and the Brave was held at uOttawa, where author Dr. Frize was surrounded by her family, friends, colleagues and fans.

Author: Dr. Monique Frize Monique Frize is a professor at the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering, Carleton University, and the School of Information Technology and Engineering, uOttawa.

The Bold and the Brave investigates how women have strived throughout history to gain access to education and careers in science and engineering. Author Monique Frize, herself an engineer for over 40 years, introduces the reader to key concepts and debates that contextualize the obstacles women have faced and continue to face in the fields of science and engineering. She focuses on the history of women's education in mathematics and science through the ages, from antiquity to the Enlightenment. While opportunities for women were often purposely limited, she reveals how many women found ways to explore science outside of formal education.

The book examines the lives and work of three women - Sophie Germain, Mileva Einstein, and Rosalind Franklin - that provide excellent examples of how women's contributions to science have been dismissed, ignored or stolen outright.

She concludes with an in-depth and often personal look at women's participation in science and engineering throughout the twentieth century and the current status of women in science and engineering, which has experienced a decline in recent years. To encourage more young women to pursue careers in science and engineering she advocates re-gendering the fields by integrating feminine and masculine approaches that would ultimately improve scientific and engineering endeavors

Interview with Dr. Monique Frize, author of The Bold and the Brave


What was the most challenging part of the book to write? What was the easiest?


The first two parts (philosophy and history) were the most difficult as I had to find all the material from sources that I had not seen before. The contemporary part was the easiest, having done 20 years of work on women in science and engineering through the two Chair positions I held (Northern telecom/NSERC women in engineering Chair at UNB, then the NSERC/Nortel Chair for women in science and engineering at UO and CU).


Is there an engineering domain today which one has to be brave & bold to tackle?


I think most would require a woman with confidence, who believes in herself. But perhaps biomed and environmental are a little easier for women than say mining or construction, petroleum, etc.


Any particular advice for today's young female engineer?


Believe in yourself! And find good mentors at each stage of a career. Jump over hurdles and you will reach your goals. Pick your battles carefully and sleep 24 hours prior to responding to conflict by letter or a meeting (except if an immediate response is needed).


Any particular advice for today's young male engineer?


You need to see the value in feminine attributes and respect your female colleagues. Everyone has their talents and skills and it is important to value the contributions from people who are different from us. You can be part of the solution to build a balanced world of engineering and technology.


Anything else that you would like our IEEE Canada readers to know about your book?


Everyone can find something in the book that they can do to move towards an engineering profession that is more balanced and that respects everyone's perspectives and contributions. The book will hopefully also help mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts to open up opportunities for the girls in their family to consider more career choices, including engineering!

During her speech, Dr. Frize had a special mention for the women from the Montreal Polytechnique given that her book coincidentally is launching in December, 20 years later: " And I wanted to remember for the 14 women who died at Polytechnique for wanting to become engineers. [] I think that it is very appropriate that we can remember those 14 women and think about some of the things in the book and what we can do to remember them and also (how) to push progress forward."

IEEE Career services

Looking for a new job? Check out the following site!


New Home and Auto Group Insurance Program

The IEEE Financial Advantage Program is pleased to announce that The Personal Insurance Company is now a provider of home and auto group insurance to IEEE Canada members. One of Canada's largest group insurers, The Personal insures members and employees of over 550 organizations and has over 650,000 policies in force across the country.

The advantages of this voluntary benefit include preferred rates not available to the general public, exceptional service, and personalized protection. IEEE Canada members*, their spouses and dependants** are eligible for this new program.

To find out how much you can save, get a quote from The Personal by phone or on their Web site. Take advantage of your home and auto group insurance plan. Get a quote from The Personal
Tel: 1-888-476-8737

* One must be a member in good standing of the IEEE at the time of application and continue active membership in order to be eligible for the group rates.
** Certain conditions apply.


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     Our Members in the Spotlight

Obituary: Andy Sturton

A.B. (Andy) Sturton passed away early New Year's Day January 1st, 2010. He was 84 and had been in failing health for some time. Andy was born on October 26th, 1926 in Quebec City and received his early education there. He was an honours graduate of the University of Toronto, class of 1948. He joined the Shawinigan Water and Power Company after graduation and while there developed innovative techniques for power systems including the extensive use of single phase switch and reclose of high voltage transmission lines. Later he joined the Shawinigan Engineering Company and his expertise became known worldwide. In 1979, he formed his own consulting company. Andy continued to work, travel, teach, and mentor into his 80s. He was pre-eminent in his field and was considered one of Canada's leading experts in power system engineering. His expertise was recognized in 2005 when he was awarded IEEE Canada's highest award, the AGL McNaughton Gold Medal. Andy leaves his wife, Irene, of 55 years, five children, brother, two sisters and six grandchildren.

Class of 2010 EIC Fellows from IEEE

Congratulations to the achievement of our members from IEEE Canada!

G.S. Peter Castle , IEEE London, ON

Andrew Goldenberg , IEEE Toronto, ON

Wenyuan Li , IEEE Burnaby, BC

Konstantinos Plataniotis , IEEE Toronto, ON

Newly elevated senior members

Congratulations to all!

Ahmadvand, Nima     

Ottawa Section

Franks, R

Ottawa Section

Lee, Joseph R

Toronto Section

Singh,Brij N.

Montreal Section

Song, Liang

Toronto Section

Spitzer, Frank R.J.

Toronto Section

Zhang, Wenjun

North Sasdatchewan Section

Zolfaghari, Saeed

Toronto Section


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     Call for Papers

IEEE IAS Electrical Safety, Technical and Mega Projects Workshop

March 29-31, 2010
Telus Convention Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The IEEE IAS ESTMP Workshop provides a forum for exchanging and advancing industry knowledge in the areas of electrical safety, engineering design, system reliability and the implementation and execution of Mega Projects. The Workshop focus will be to share innovative concepts, successes as well as lessons learned in the areas of: 1) advancing state of the art knowledge and best practices, 2) stimulating innovation in creating the next generation of technology and 3) design and implementation of Mega Projects.

2010 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

July 11-17, 2010
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Toronto, ON, Canada

The 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and CNC-USNC/URSI Radio Science meeting will be held jointly on July 11-17, 2010, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Toronto, ON, Canada. The symposium and meeting are co-sponsored by the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S), the U.S. National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science (USNC/URSI) Commissions A, B, C, D, E, F, H and K and all Canadian National Commissions of the International Union of Radio Science (CNC/URSI). The technical sessions, workshops, and short courses will be coordinated between the two groups to provide a comprehensive and well-balanced program. This meeting is intended to provide an international forum for the exchange of information on state-of-the-art research in antennas, propagation, electromagnetic engineering and radio science. Please note that technical sessions are held over five days from July 12 to 16, with workshops and short courses on July 11 and July 17, 2010. Visit the meeting website at for more information.



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23rd Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

Date: May 2- 5, 2010
Location: Telus Convention Centre & Marriot Hotel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CCECE provides researchers, students, and practicing professionals in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Canadian venue in which they can present the latest technological advancements and discoveries. It is also a valuable opportunity to network, exchange ideas, strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations. CCECE 2010 will feature 7 mini-symposia with papers presented from a broad range of areas in Electrical and Computer Engineering. There will be tutorial sessions in leading topics, plenary talks from senior executives in industry and academia, special sessions in hot topics, social programs, the IEEE Canada Awards and Banquet night, best student paper awards luncheon, and industrial exhibitions.

For more information:

All IEEE Conferences in Canada

Find information about these and all IEEE Conferences in Canada here.

Upcoming Events

Many IEEE Canada sections maintain their own listings of upcoming events:

Canadian Atlantic





Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northern Canada


Southern Alberta






Submission Information

I look forward to receiving news/article(s) from your sections and/or yours or other IEEE colleagues' achievements for the newsletter. Please forward any such correspondence by the 20th of the month to the Editor at







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