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Issue: December 2010                                                        IEEE Canada News Central

                                                                                                                      A Happy Holiday Season to All!




This Issue's Content:


      IEEE Canada Board of Directors

-     Call for Nominations... IEEE Director-Elect
-     IEEE Introduces IEEE Technology News - Looking for Editors
-     Nominations for IEEE Canada Awards
-     Renew Your Membership for 2010
-     Membership Dues in Special Circumstances


      Your News

-     HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online
-     Kingston Section posts upcoming events online
-     New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online
-     South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online
-     Winnipeg Section posts upcoming events online
-     London Section: Large Rooftop Solar PV Farms


      News of Interest

-     IEEE Canada forms Ad Hoc Committee on Wireless Technology
-     2011 IEEE Computer SocietySimulator Design Competition
-     Humanitarian initiatives: Student Design Competition 2010-2011
-     Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members
-     IEEE Career services
-     IEEE Members give a "Thumbs up!" for the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program Administered by Marsh U.S. Consumer
-     Auto Insurance Rates Update, from The Personal
-     Your Life is On Your Computer. Back it Up
-     IEEE MasterCard credit card
-     Member Benefit - HP
-     Attention: IEEE Members in British Columbia, Canada
-     ANNOUNCING: Engineer Wellness GoodLife Fitness Corporate Program


      Our Members in the Spotlight

-     Newly elected IEEE Fellows in Canada
-     IEEE members in Waterloo awarded Canada Research Chairs
-     Primer on Optimal Control Theory: David Jacobson
-     Wahab Almuhtadi receives 2010 MGA Leadership Award
-     IEEE Carleton University WIE chapter wins IEEE Day photo contest
-     Masoud Farzaneh honored for partnership with Hydro-Quebec
-     IEEE member wins CATA WIT IT Mentor of Year award


      Call for Papers

-     The 5th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference


      Conferences and Workshops

-     Upcoming IEEE Conferences in Canada
-     All IEEE Conferences in Canada



This Issue's Content:


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     IEEE Canada Board of Directors

Call for Nominations... IEEE Director-Elect

Message from the IEEE-Canada Past President on:
(Election for IEEE Canada Director Elect 2012-2013)

To All Sections Chairs and Area Chairs:

IEEE Canada election for Director-Elect (2012-2013) is due during the year of 2011. According to the IEEE Canada by-laws, the next Director-Elect will come from the IEEE Canada Area East.

Director-Elect Duties:

Director-Elect will serve for a six year term starting January 1, 2012; two years as Director-Elect, two years as Director and two years as Past Director. During two years as Director-Elect, the successful candidate may be asked to serve on one or more Member Geographic Area Board committees including attendance at IEEE Board meetings and participate in IEEE Canada activities as a member of all three governing boards (IEEE Canada, Executive and Steering Committees)....

During the two years as Director, in addition to the previous responsibilities, the successful candidate will serve on the IEEE Board of Directors; the Engineering Institute of Canada's Board and conduct all IEEE Canada business. As Past Director, the successful candidate will be IEEE Canada's representative and member of the IEEE Canada Foundation Board and may serve on one or more IEEE committees. In the IEEE world, IEEE Canada is Region 7.


As Past IEEE Canada President and Past Region 7 Director it is my duty to find suitable candidates and conduct the screening process for the Director-Elect position.

The purpose of this note is to inform you about the election and provide you with an overview of how the screening process works.

Nomination Process & Eligibility:

Typically potential candidates are nominated by their respective Section, however self-nominations are allowed. The candidates must hold IEEE Senior Member grade and ideally have served on one or more Region Committees. Potential candidates are required to submit an IEEE biography outlining their involvement in IEEE activities along with a position statement. Potential candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with IEEE Canada's Bylaws and Operations Manual <> and IEEE Member Geographic Area Bylaws and Operations Manual <>.

Screening Process:

IEEE Canada's Steering Committee will conduct telephone interviews with all potential candidates who meet the requirements to run for Director-Elect in February 2011. The candidates will be allotted a 15-minute time slot. The first 5-minutes will allow the candidates to introduce themselves and state why they are running and how they can make a difference. The next 5-minutes the candidate will answer a common set of questions prepared by the Steering Committee. For the final 5-minutes the Steering Committee may ask additional and specific questions to the candidate on their experience and suitability. Strict time limits will apply to the call. After all candidates have been interviewed, the Steering Committee will rank the candidates and pick a minimum of two, maximum of three candidates for Director-Elect. The nominated names of candidates will be submitted to IEEE/HQ for final screening , i.e. eligibility to run for office. The Past President will notify the candidates of the outcome of the screening results before goes to members at Large for Voting.

Also, the selected slate of candidates will be invited to IEEE Canada's Spring'11 Board Meeting April 30, 2011 in Mississuaga, Ontario to address the Region Committee and take questions on their candidacy from IEEE Canada's Board. IEEE Canada will provide the candidates with an allowance to cover their travel expenses.

Call for Nomination & Deadlines:

Should you be interested in nominating a potential candidate or self-nominating, please forward a statement of interest along with a biographical sketch outlining your IEEE activities stating your qualifications for office to Ferial <> with a copy to before January 20, 2011. IEEE Canada will notify the qualified candidates of the date and time of their telephone interview with the Steering Committee. The nomination form is available here.

Petition Candidate - IEEE allows for petition candidates. Candidates must get valid signatures from 2% of the IEEE Canada voting members as of December 31, 2010. The numbers will be confirmed based on Dec. 31, 2010 membership statistics. To be eligible to run as a petition candidate, IEEE must receive the petition and signatures prior to June 15, 2011. IEEE will verify that the petition candidate has satisfied IEEE requirements to run as a petition candidate.

Ferial El-hawary
Past President IEEE Canada
Ferial <>

IEEE Introduces IEEE Technology News - Looking for Editors

IEEE Xplore currently includes nearly 3 million articles; and 200,000 articles are added annually. How can anyone know what is worth reading among those articles? Well, IEEE Technology News will help. It will bring to IEEE members and the global community the top 1000 of the most interesting, timely, and newsworthy articles.

A beta version of IEEE Technology News is available now. It is a web-based publication which is also viewable on mobile devices. It will provide its subscribers with condensed versions of about 20 newly-posted articles each week - with links to the full articles in IEEE Xplore. The condensed versions are in layman's language so that nonspecialists, students, news media reporters, etc. will be able to understand them.

IEEE Technology News is advertiser supported. It is free; anyone may subscribe - at Please subscribe and provide feedback to the volunteers behind this new publication.

John Vig, 2009 IEEE President, conceived the idea and took the lead in developing it with the assistance of fellow volunteers Anil Roy (India) and Gus Gaynor (USA). They brought together IEEE Publications, Technical Activities, Spectrum, and other staff and volunteers to brainstorm, develop a proposal and plan for the launch of IEEE Technology News. This effort included receipt of a $25,000 Seed Grant from the IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC) in May 2010 followed by a Phase II NIC proposal for full-funding.

IEEE surveys show that "remaining technically current" is the number 1 reason for joining IEEE. In today's global economy IEEE Technology News offers a channel for not only keeping abreast of one's own discipline but also for gaining an understanding of other technologies.

Content is derived from IEEE's more than 500 conference proceedings and 800 journal issues published annually. To guarantee quality, the articles will go through a four-stage process: the appropriate papers will be selected by volunteer associate editors, the condensed versions will be written by professional technical writers, the condensed versions will be edited by a technical editor, and a final review will be performed by the IEEE Technology News Editor-in-Chief. An Editorial Board of nine people under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief will be responsible for meeting the goals and guiding operations.

Associate editors are needed for selecting the articles to be condensed. If you are a technical expert, preferably an IEEE Fellow, who regularly reads IEEE publications, please apply to be an associate editor, include a brief statement of qualifications, and specify the publication(s) you are willing to cover. The job is easy; i.e., when you read a new article that is especially interesting, important or newsworthy, send a message to, identify the article, and include a short explanation as to why the article is worthy of inclusion in IEEE Technology News.

The Editorial Board looks forward to launching IEEE Technology News in 2011. Beta testing is projected to begin in early 2011. For a preview, please visit, and subscribe at on your computer or mobile device. Comments and applications for associate editor may be sent to

Nominations for IEEE Canada Awards

IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) seeks nominations for IEEE Canada awards and for other awards that are available to IEEE Canada members including those from the EIC and the IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Board. Nomination Forms and guide lines can be found at the web page

Renew Your Membership for 2010

If you have not renewed by the end of February 2010, please do so ASAP. Remember, IEEE membership can connect you with professionals who can open doors to many opportunities. There are also many online resources available to members (e.g. online books and publications). Use your IEEE Web Account and password to renew online at

Membership Dues in Special Circumstances

IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. For this reason, the following special circumstance categories have been established. Special circumstances are not available to Student members. Only one category may be claimed in any year.

-  Minimum Income Provision

-  Retired Provision

-  Unemployed Provision

-  Permanently Disabled

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     Your News

HamiltonSection posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Hamilton Section:

Kingston Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Kingston Section:

New Brunswick Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the New Brunswick Section:

South Alberta Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the South Alberta Section:

Winnipeg Section posts upcoming events online

Please refer to the following link for the latest activities hosted by the Winnipeg Section:

London Section: Large Rooftop Solar PV Farms

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 7 to 9 pm, Lambton College Residences - formerly The Lambton Inn, Sarnia

Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Rick Williams, VP, North American Operations, Canadian General-Tower Ltd.
Mr. Lewis Mitchell, VP/General Manager, Electrozad Supply Co. (Sarnia) Ltd.
Mr. David McGarry, President, Elecsar Engineering Co. Ltd.

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     News of Interest

IEEE Canada forms Ad Hoc Committee on Wireless Technology

The IEEE Canada Board of Directors has just voted to form an ad hoc committee to work with universities, companies and regional groups with an interest in wireless commercialization (including but not limited to Vancouver-based Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre, Waterloo-based Communitech, and Montreal-based Prompt-Quebec) to:

  • Promote and facilitate cooperation between academia, government and the wireless industry with a particular focus on commercialization of wireless technologies.

  • Establish the feasibility of assisting start ups and small and medium enterprises by working with universities and colleges to develop a database of research equipment and facilities that are available to assist in the commercialization of wireless technologies.

  • Encourage the wireless industry and government officials to share their knowledge and insights concerning commercialization of wireless technology with IEEE members through IEEE Canada publications and technical activities.

The committee will be chaired by Prof. Dave Michelson of the University of British Columbia and Chair of IEEE Vancouver Section. IEEE Canada members with an interest in commercialization of wireless technology are invited to join the committee's mailing list. Please contact Prof. Michelson for further details.

2011 IEEE Computer Society Simulator Design Competition

IEEE Computer Society is presenting the 2011 Simulator Design Competition for students worldwide with a top prize of 8,000 USD and a second place prize of 2,000 USD. Student teams will be invited to design a CPU simulator, a program used in many architecture courses to illustrate how computers work.

The competition requires that students have taken a course in architecture and have both programming and software engineering skills. Student teams will submit both a report and a working program at the end of the competition.

For more info:

Registration deadline is 18 January 2011.

Humanitarian initiatives: Student Design Competition 2010-2011

TITLE:                     Student Design Competition 2010-2011
CONTACT:            Alfredo Herrera, chair IEEE Canada HIC
ORGANIZED BY: IEEE-Canada Humanitarian Initiatives Committee

ABSTRACT: We are proud to welcome Canadian students to the first HIC humanitarian student design competition. The competition is open to undergraduate and master students enrolled in a Canadian college or university. It provides a venue for students to show how design, creativity, and innovation can be used for the betterment of society and for the advancement of humanity; it is a practical experience of the constrains and conditions students will face in industry. An abstract of the winner's work will be published in one of the IEEE publications. Prizes will be awarded as follows: first prize, CND $1000; second prize, CND $700; third prize, CND $300.

For this year's competition, we have decided to focus on improving or innovating parts of the WE CARE Solar's system ( Students interested in participating in a more general humanitarian topic are encouraged to submit a proposal to the IEEE Presidents' Change the World Competition (

WE CARE Solar promotes a safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and blood bank refrigeration using solar electricity. A link to a 45 minute presentation by Dr. Stachel is available in our website, it describes WE CARE Solar's mission and system.

IEEE Canada has established the Humanitarian Initiatives Committee (HIC) to promote IEEE core value of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity; raising awareness of how IEEE Canada can best use its strengths and relevant technologies to address societal problems; providing leadership, encouragement, and support to Sections and Chapters interested in humanitarian initiatives; identifying and inventorying humanitarian activities across Canada; and coordinating activities with IEEE worldwide humanitarian committees and initiatives.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Free E-book Titles and Access to Archived Webinars to All IEEE Members

In response to Section Congress recommendation, the IEEE is offering e-books and webinars free to all IEEE members. Check out the free e-books and archived webinars at:

IEEE Career services

Looking for a new job? Check out the following site! The

IEEE Members give a "Thumbs up!" for the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program Administered by Marsh U.S. Consumer

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IEEE MasterCard credit card

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  • Around-the-clock fraud protection

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Member Benefit - HP

New! HP introduces web site for IEEE Members in Canada

>Members in Canada can now shop at and receive their IEEE member discounts on eligible HP desktops, notebooks and workstations. Members also have the option to call HP directly at 1-877-231-4351 to order. Please remember to mention HPIEEE to receive your discount. The program offers shoppers a low price guarantee, so members can be assured that their site offers them the best possible pricing. Members with questions can call HP at 1-877-231-4351. Thank you!

Attention: IEEE Members in British Columbia, Canada

IEEE and Marsh U.S. Consumer announced that, effective 10 November 2010 IEEE Members in British Columbia, Canada are again eligible for the following insurance plans underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company:

  • Group Term Life Insurance

  • Group 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance

  • Group 20-Year Level Term Life Insurance

  • Group Level Term Life to Age 65

  • Group Term Life with Living Benefits Insurance

  • Group Disability Income Insurance

  • Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

The aforementioned insurance plans are now available in all Canadian provinces except Quebec. IEEE-sponsored insurance plans are also offered in the United States and Puerto Rico. [Note: In order for insurance plans to be admissible in any jurisdiction, the underwriter and broker must be approved for compliance with all government regulations, and approval dates may vary.] Continued membership in IEEE is required in order to be eligible for coverage in these exclusive plans.

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Administered by: Marsh U.S. Consumer, 12421 Meredith Drive, Urbandale, IA 50398

Underwritten by: New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010 on Policy Form GMR

*Source: Third Party Ratings Report as of 7/7/10., click on the "About New York Life" link, then click on "What the Rating Agencies Say" for the most up-to-date rating information.

Seabury & Smith, Inc. 2010
AR Ins. Lic. #245544
CA Ins. Lic. #0633005
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ANNOUNCING: Engineer Wellness GoodLife Fitness Corporate Program

Staying fit is the key to reducing stress, feeling healthy, increasing your energy and enjoying an excellent quality of life. Beginning 1 Sept 2010, Engineer Wellness corporate program at GoodLife Fitness Canada (Energie Cardio in Quebec, Nubody in BC), is available to all EIC Society members. Thus any IEEE Canada members or Association of Professional Engineers in Canada members, and their family members living under the same roof can join this program. Details on joining can be obtained by visiting The username to access the site is eic and the password is goodlife. Please only share this information with engineer colleagues. GoodLife Fitness information can be found at

Thank you.
John Grefford, P.Eng.


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     Our Members in the Spotlight

Newly elected IEEE Fellows in Canada

Congratulations to the newly elected fellows!

Pierre Berini                                                     University of Ottawa

Voicu Zamfir Groza                                          University of Ottawa

Natali K. Nikolova-Zimmerman                        McMaster University

M. Tamer Ozsu                                                University of Waterloo

Catherine P. Rosenberg                                  University of Waterloo

Edward H Sargent                                           University of Toronto

Chinthananda Tellambura                               University of Alberta

Lei Wang                                                         Powertech Lab Inc.

Xiaolin Wu                                                       McMaster University


IEEE members in Waterloo awarded Canada Research Chairs

Two IEEE Kitchner-Waterloo Chapter chairs were named as Canada Research Chairs. Two more named from UW are in tech-related fields.

Congratulations on the achievement!

Primer on Optimal Control Theory: David Jacobson

Dr David H. Jacobson, Life Fellow IEEE, is pleased to provide you with the link to his new book, co-authored with Prof J L Speyer of UCLA, and published by SIAM. The text should be of great interest to researchers, students and practitioners in industry, mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics, all branches of engineering, computer science, economics, business school and environmental sciences.

Wahab Almuhtadi receives 2010 MGA Leadership Award

Congratulations to Wahab Almuhtadi of the Ottawa Section (IEEE Canada Eastern Area Chair) for his 2010 MGA Leadership Award!

Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi is a professor at the School of Advanced Technology, Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is also the Research and Development Coordinator at the Faculty of Technology and Trades, Algonquin College. Dr. Almuhtadi conducting several research projects including QoS Optimization using Adaptive Intelligence Techniques in Satellite Systems, Remote/Rural WiFi Networks, Remote Objective Monitoring of Biosignals, Traffic Engineering in WiMAX Network, Advancing Photovoltaics for Economical Concentrator Systems, and Automated Solar Powered Evaporative Air Cooler. He has played a leading role in research at Algonquin College, in projects funded by IC, CIDA, NCIT, ORDCF, OCE, PRECARN.

IEEE Carleton University WIE chapter wins IEEE Day photo contest

IEEE Carleton University WIE chapter wins IEEE Day photo contest

Congratulations to Daphne Ong, WIE Carleton Chair!

Masoud Farzaneh honored for partnership with Hydro-Quebec

Chicoutimi, September 24, 2010 - Professor Masoud Farzaneh of University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC) was awarded an excellence prize by the Quebec Association for Industrial Research (ADRIQ), jointly with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) in recognition of his remarkable and fruitful partnership with Hydro-Qubec. This distinction was attributed during the "Let's celebrate partnerships" evening in Montreal, September 23, in presence of leaders from industry and academia.

The partnership link between Prof. Farzaneh and Hydro-Quebec, which began more than 25 years ago, steadily gained in importance with the realization of several major NSERC sponsored R&D projects and with the creation, in 1997, of the CIGELE Industrial Chair on atmospheric icing of power network equipment. It is worth noting that the excellent performance of CIGELE led to its renewal over three successive 5-year mandates, till September 2012. Moreover, following the Great 1998 Ice Storm, Hydro-Quebec importantly contributed to the establishment of the Icing Research Pavilion, at UQAC, in 2000.

M. Farzaneh with M. Bourdages (r.), Head of electrical equipment, IREQ/Hydro-Quebec, and J.-L. Legault, president of ADRIQ, at the prize attribution ceremony.

IEEE member wins CATA WIT IT Mentor of Year award

Congratulations to Jennifer Ng, Ottawa Section!


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     Call for Papers

The 5th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference

Date: April 4 - 7, 2011
Location: Montreal, Quebec

Conference Objectives:
This conference seeks to create an interactive forum for the advancement of the practice of systems engineering across the multiple disciplines and specialty areas associated with the engineering of complex systems. The conference will provide a venue for systems engineering practitioners, managers, researchers, and educators to exchange innovative concepts, ideas, applications, and lessons learned addressing:

  • Applications-oriented topics on large-scale systems and system-of-systems in topics noted below

  • Systems engineering, education, standards, processes and methodologies for the system-of-systems environment

  • Research opportunities and results relating to system-of-systems

Topic areas and complete submission details can be found at

Important Dates:
Abstract deadline: October 15, 2010
Acceptance Notification: December 1, 2010
Final Paper Deadline: February 15, 2011




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IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop

The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop will be holding its 18th Annual Workshop in Toronto, ON, January 24 - 28, 2011. The workshop which is held in Canada every 5 years, will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. The Call for Papers, attached, is open until May 1, 2010. The workshop is IEEE conference number 17140.

The workshop website is

The mission of the workshop is to provide an international forum for changing the electrical safety culture and serving to advance applications of technology, work practices, codes and regulations to prevent electrical incidents and injuries in the workplace.

The 24th Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

Date: May 8- 11, 2011
Location: Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

CCECE provides researchers, students, and practicing professionals in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Canadian venue in which they can present the latest technological advancements and discoveries. It is also a valuable opportunity to network, exchange ideas, strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations. CCECE 2011 will feature mini-symposia with papers presented from a broad range of areas in Electrical and Computer Engineering. There will be tutorial sessions in leading topics, plenary talks from senior executives in industry and academia, special sessions in hot topics, social programs, the IEEE Canada Awards and Banquet night, best student paper awards luncheon, and industrial exhibitions.


All IEEE Conferences in Canada

Find information about these and all IEEE Conferences in Canada here.

Upcoming Events

Many IEEE Canada sections maintain their own listings of upcoming events:

Canadian Atlantic






Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northern Canada


Southern Alberta






Submission Information

I look forward to receiving news/article(s) from your sections and/or yours or other IEEE colleagues' achievements for the newsletter. Please forward any such correspondence by the 20th of the month to the Editor at







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