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News of Interest

IEEE Canada Awards

Information with photos from the recent IEEE Canada Awards ceremonies has just been posted on our IEEE Canada web site. Also, the home pages (English and Français) have been redesigned for easier navigation. Why not take a look at the award winners and the other activities and services displayed on our web site The webmaster welcomes your suggestions at

IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Website

Women in Engineering (WIE) now has an official web site for Region 7. It is presented in two official languages. News items are regularly updated. Up to now, two student WIE chapters have been formed and one is under review. The goal would be to form five additional chapters by the end of this year.  In total there are 479 WIE members in Canada, which is about 6% of the global WIE count. Total women membership count in IEEE Canada is about 7.4%. It is also interesting to note that male membership in WIE adds up to about 23%. The web site can be found at the IEEE Canada webpage under

Members of IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) are encouraged to submit inspirational photos of WIE members working on an electrical/engineering project out in the field or in the lab to the WIE Photo Contest. The contest deadline has been extended to 1 June 2003. For information on prizes and how to submit, please visit

Distinguished Lecturer Presentations available on web

Under a new pilot program designed to make its Distinguished Lecturer program accessible to all society members, the IEEE Circuits & Systems Society (CAS) has made selected lectures available for download from its Web site. Current presentations are from Prof. Gabor Temes, Oregon State University, and Dr. Chung-Sheng Li, IBM Watson Research Center. The catalog of lectures will be expanded in the future. For system requirements and to view the available lectures, please visit

Three million monthly downloads

Usage of IEEE online technical information reached another new milestone when more than 3.2 million article PDFs were downloaded by researchers during the first two months of this year. Users downloaded 3.238 million papers in January 2003, and 3.208 papers million in February. This is more than double the number of downloads during the same two-month period in 2002. The increase has been driven by new IEEE customers and greater use of online articles by IEEE members. For information on accessing IEEE papers online, visit

IEEE Engineering Management Society Forum

The recently released IEEE EMS Forum is a virtual community website that provides a foundation for collaboration and learning. With a distinctive focus, it provides members a vibrant environment to securely create and propagate member-generated content over this website. It allows members to work together on the most burning issues of managing engineers and technologies. You will be able to compare and aggregate your managing experiences on such topics as:

  • Information Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Management Quality
  • Product Development
  • Management of Technology
  • Systems
  • Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Management Skills
  • Transitioning to Management

The virtual community is rich with collaborative tools and features. The most popular are the Discussions, Calendar, Files and Contributions. These tools and features are easy to use with command and icon driven prompts that guide you through your selected task. Users information is available on the website in Contribution under the folder name - “How-To” Guidance. You can join the EMS Forum by applying to or email to one of the following members of the IEEE EMS – Forum Development Team:

Senior Member Upgrades

The following members were upgraded to Senior Member status at the May 2003 Admission and Advancement Panel meetings in Ottawa, Canada:

  • Kuniko Urashima - Hamilton
  • Chang-qing Xu - Hamilton
  • Gabriel Benmouyal - Montreal
  • Jean-Pierre Martin - Montreal
  • Frank Dehne - Ottawa
  • Norman G. Davies - Vancouver

For more information on the Nominate a Senior Member Initiative (NSI) Program, please visit The 2003 Goal for IEEE Canda is to elevate 150 members to Senior Members.

Upcoming Events


  • International Workshop on System-on-Chip for Real-time Applications

30 June -2 July 2003
Calgary, Alberta
For more information please visit

  • IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics

21-24 August 2003
Banff, Alberta
For more information please visit

  • Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN 2003)

19-22 October 2003
Banff, Alberta
For more information please visit


  • Distribution Automation Seminar and Exhibition

8-10 June 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia
For more information please visit or contact Ms. Laurie Lang at

  • The 5th International Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics in the Time Domain (CEM-TD 2003)

17-19 June 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia
For more information please visit


  • International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA'03)

10-12 June 2003
Montréal, Quebec
For more information please visit

  • Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering

16-19 June 2003
Montréal, Quebec
For more information please visit

  • Northeast Workshop on Circuits and Systems (NEWCAS 2003)

18-20 June 2003
Montréal, Quebec
For more information please visit


  • IEEE Web Design Seminar

2 June 2003
Algonquin College
Ottawa, Ontario
For more information and registration, please visit
An IEEE Ottawa presentation

  • IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2003)

22-25 June 2003
Ottawa, Canada
For more information please visit

  • What it takes to be an Innovator

28 July 2003
Main Auditorium, Communication Research Center
3701 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
Please RSVP to John Grefford at 613-839-1108 or
For more information please visit 
An IEEE Ottawa EMS presentation

  • Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference

18-22 August 2003
Château Laurier Hotel
Ottawa, Canada
For more information please visit

  • International Safety Conference (ISSC21)

4-8 October 2003
Ottawa, Canada
For more information please visit

  • Canadian Reliability and Maintainability Symposium 2003

16-17 October 2003
Lord Elgin Hotel,
Ottawa, Ontario
For more information please visit
This event is brought to you by the American Society for Quality (ASQ Reliability Division, Region 4), the Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE-Ottawa), IEEE Reliability Society (International, and the Ottawa Chapter)


  • Designing Sensor Signal Conditioning With Programmable Analog ICs

5 June 2003
Insight Electronics
1 Eva Road, Suite 107
Etobicoke, Ontario
Please RSVP to Dennis Cecic at
For more information please visit
An IEEE Toronto Instrumentation and Measurement Society presentation

  • IEEE Power Engineering Society's International General Meeting & Technical Conference

13-17 July 2003
Toronto, Ontario
For more information please visit

  • IEEE Toronto Centennial Workshop on Wireless Communications

3-5 October 2003
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
For more information please visit


  • IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC 2003)

2-6 June 2003
Anaheim, California
For more information please visit

  • The 2003 International Conference on VLSI(VLSI-03)

23-26 June 2003
Monte Carlo Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information please visit

  • IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME)

6-9 July 2003
Baltimore, Maryland
For more information please visit

  • IEEE VTC Symposium on IP Mobility

4-9 August 2003
Orlando, Florida
For more information please visit

  • IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON)

10-13 August 2003
Boston, Massachusetts
For more information please visit

  • IEEE International Engineering Management Conference (IEMC -2003)

2-4 November 2003
Albany, New York
For more information please visit

  • IEEE International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD)

9-13 November 2003
San Jose, California
For more information please visit

  • International Conference on Information Technology & Applications (ICITA 2004)

8-11 January 2004
Harbin, China
For more information please visit

IEEE Montreal maintains a page of upcoming events at

IEEE Ottawa maintains a page of upcoming events at

IEEE Toronto maintains a page of upcoming events at

IEEE Vancouver maintains a page of upcoming events at

For more IEEE conferences, visit IEEE Conference Search at

IEEE Commercial Releases

New book on Electric machines

A new publication from Wiley-IEEE Press titled "Principles of Electric Machines with Power Electronic Applications," by Mohamed E. El-Hawary, can serve both as handy desk reference as well as a self-study guide. The book offers an updated discussion of electric machines and adjustable speed drives. To make the book for clear and user-friendly, El-Hawary uses solved problems, sample examinations and test sets, as well as computer-based solutions assisted by MATLAB scripts. Available at

MIS and LAN managers resources available from IEEE

In "The MIS and LAN Manager's Guide to Advanced Telecommunications," a book from IEEE Press and John Wiley & Sons, the author examines the technologies, devices, and equipment commonly used by telecommunications carriers. Discussions include the basics of voice and data communications as well as a wide range of telecommunications topics, particularly wide area networks and digital networks focusing on client server LAN networks. Major issues surrounding LAN interconnection are explained in easy-to-understand language and numerous illustrations. To purchase or find more information, visit

IEEE Press text offers basics on mechatronics

The Wiley-IEEE Press title "Understanding Electro-Mechanical Engineering: An Introduction to Mechatronics" by Lawrence J. Kamm provides coverage on a wide range of electromechanical devices used today. For more information, or to order online, visit

Book presents wireless communications findings

The Wiley-IEEE Press book "RF Technologies for Low-Power Wireless Communications" presents its conclusions in what Microwave Journal calls "an understandable manner." The book, written by established authors Tatsuo Itoh, George Haddad, James Harvey, is a survey of microwave technology customized for wireless professionals and is available for purchase at

Book provides guide for designing with noise in mind

Wiley-IEEE Press recently released a new book describing the leading techniques for analyzing noise. The book also discusses methods applicable to periodic and aperiodic signals or random processes over finite or infinite intervals. "Principles of Random Signal Analysis and Low Noise Design" by Roy M. Howard is a guide for those designing or modeling communications systems. Find out more about this Wiley-IEEE Press book

Submission Information

You can send any submissions by email to the editor:
Abhi Gupta at

Please ensure you send in your submission by the 20th of the month

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