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News of Interest

Induction of new members to the Canadian Academy of Engineering

On June 1, President Micheline Bouchard, FCAE, formally welcomed 29 new fellows into the Canadian Academy of Engineering. The ceremony took place in Calgary, Alberta, in conjunction with the Academy’s Annual General Meeting, at the Petro-Canada Centre there. “This is the largest group of new inductees admitted since the Academy was established in 1987” said Mme Bouchard “and this increase in the number of inductees represents a major step forward in recognizing some of the most innovative engineers in Canada”.

The Academy is an independent, self-governing, non-profit organization, established to serve the nation in matters of engineering concern. Fellows of the Academy are professional engineers from all disciplines; they are elected by their peers on the basis of their distinguished achievements and on their contributions to society, to the country, and to the profession. The total number of active fellows in the Academy is just under 250. Given a total of over 150,000 registered engineers across the country, those elected constitute an extraordinarily qualified and dedicated group.

The Canadian Academy of Engineering works in close cooperation with other national academies in Canada and internationally. Major collaboration continues with the Royal Society of Canada in matters of scientific concern and in expert advice to governments; the Academy also works closely in engineering matters with the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada, and the Engineering Institute of Canada plus its constituent societies. The Academy is also a member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, which includes some 25 similar organizations around the world.

Citations are attached for each of the new inductees, along with an identification of the major societies and associations in which membership is indicated.

  1. Jean Bélanger: Jean Bélanger est un ingénieur spécialisé en électronique et président fondateur de Opal-RT. Cette PME de 40 personnes, créée en 1997, commercialise de puissants outils de simulation numérique en temps réel pour les industries de l’automobile, de l’aérospatiale, de la robotique et les utilités électriques. Jean Bélanger a aussi joué un rôle clé dans la conception et construction des lignes à 735 kV de l’Hydro-Québec provenant de la Baie James ainsi que dans le développement de puissants simulateurs de réseaux électriques et de leurs logiciels.
  2. Prakash Bhartia: Prakash Bhartia, Director General at Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, has 30 years of exceptional contributions to electromagnetic systems, including microstrip antennas, transmission lines, microwave and millimeter wave components and systems. They are embodied in 8 books and over 150 papers, as well as several patents, which are used in industry and universities around the world. Dr. Bhartia has led the Dept. of National Defence efforts in navigation systems, radar and space technologies, many of which are in current usage in the Canadian Forces. He has demonstrated outstanding scientific creativity, productivity and leadership, as well as management skills.
  3. Howard Card: Howard Card, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Manitoba, has made outstanding contributions to the related fields of pattern recognition, microelectronics and digital signal processing, specifically through research and development of novel hardware and software for artificial neural networks and their applications. He has demonstrated great leadership in training highly-qualified personnel, primarily undergraduate and graduate students, in these areas.
  4. David Collett: David Collett has spent his entire professional career at Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, where he is presently Executive Vice President, Production. He is recognized for his engineering leadership on the development of the massive Churchill River Developments (Upper and Lower) as well as other generation and transmission projects. He has shown similar leadership in his activities for the engineering profession.
  5. François Gonthier: François Gonthier, Président fondateur, ITF Technologies Optiques, est ingénieur physicien et un inventeur-innovateur-entrepreneur peu ordinaire. À 33 ans, en janvier 1997, il créait ITF Technologies inc. pour exploîter ses premières inventions de coupleurs multifibres pour télécommunications par fibre optique. ITF s’affîche déjà comme l’une des entreprises les plus dynamiques au Canada; avec 95 M$ d’investissements privés à ce jour, des ventes de 10 M$, déjà 600 employés, et une valeur au marché de plus d’un milliard $. L’ingénieur Gonthier est un inventeur prolifique (15 brevets à ce jour et plusieurs autres à venir) et l’auteur de 65 publications savantes, la plupart avant son entrée en affaires.
  6. David Parnas: David Parnas, Director of the Software Engineering Program at McMaster University, has made outstanding contributions to the science and art of software engineering through the development of basic concepts in software design, software specification methods and the methodology for inspection of safety-critical software. He has provided visionary leadership in developing educational programmes for computing and software engineering, and in defining the professional role of software engineering.
  7. Emil Petriu: Emil Petriu is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Ottawa and Director of the new School of Information Technology and Engineering. He has invented an absolute position measurement method using pseudo-random encoding. The resulting very-high resolution serves in 3D model-based object recognition using computer vision, tactile robot-sensing, or structured light. He is a dedicated teacher and a prolific author.
  8. Wallace Read: Wallace Read, President of Read Management Advisory Services, has for fifty years continuously provided outstanding leadership in the electric power sector in Newfoundland, in Canada and internationally. He oversaw the engineering and construction of the great system expansion of Newfoundland from the mid-1960’s to the mid-1980’s. He became the first full-time President of the Canadian Electricity Association providing innovative leadership and serving as the industry’s national spokesperson for a decade. Always generous with his time in service to his profession and his community, he has been recognized with many awards in both domains.
  9. Mohamad Sawan: Mohamad Sawan, Professeur titulaire à l’École Polytechnique, est un ingénieur électronicien reconnu mondialement pour son rôle de pionnier en dispositifs médicaux intelligents (DMI). Il a su équilibrer sa carrière avec rigueur, étant tour à tour enseignant, formateur de spécialistes de l’électronique et du biomédical, chercheur, inventeur, innovateur, entrepreneur, rassembleur et agent de transfert de ses nouvelles technologies vers l’industrie canadienne. Il vient de se voir octroyer 8 M$ pour une plate-forme technologique lui permettant d’oeuvrer plus efficacement avec d’éminents chercheurs dans 8 spécialités différentes de la médecine. Il est l’auteur de 4 brevets, de quelque 200 articles scientifiques, de nombreux chapitres de livres, etc.
  10. Anastasios Venetsanopoulos: Anastasios Venetsanopoulos, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, has made outstanding contributions to the design and implementation of communication systems, digital filters and multimedia systems and to university teaching, inspiring lectures and seminars, for more than 140 short courses to industry and government laboratories, and for 272 scholarly addresses. He has also made significant contributions to research, as co-author and contributor to a very large number of excellent books (28) and papers in journals and scientific conferences (667), and to the engineering profession and the society at large.
  11. Rabab Ward: Ms. Rabab Ward, Director of the Centre for Integrated Computer Systems Research at UBC, is a leader in the application of digital signal processing theory to cable and high-definition television, medical images, restoration of astronomical images, and extraction of an infant’s distress level from his/her cry signal. Being a highly accomplished researcher and a prolific inventor, she has an impressive list of publications and patents, and her work is used in various companies and laboratories worldwide. Examples include her non-intrusive method for measuring the picture quality in cable TV systems, the non-interfering video system used by the aqua-culture industry, and the fluorescence microscope system used by cell-biology researchers.
  12. Songnian Zhou: Songnian Zhou, CEO & Chairman of Platform Computing Corp, is a software engineer of remarkable creativity and a successful entrepreneur. His pioneering research at Berkeley led the foundation of the Internet “postal office”. He later broke ground in computing resource management in large distributed computing systems. His new system, Utopia, was adopted by Northern Telecom on over 1,000 computers with 30-40% productivity increase. In 1992 he co-founded Platform Computing with no venture capital funding and built it into a leading software company with 300 people and sales of $ 60M in more than 50 countries

Search for New Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

A search committee has been organized and is looking for suggestions from Engineering Management Society (EMS) members and their colleagues to find a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC). This is an opportunity for a person looking for a challenge to make a major contribution to the publication of research related to engineering and technology management. The evolution of electronic media presents new opportunities for growth and demands investment in the newest technology for paper review and library indexing to support advanced search engines. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the effective and efficient use of all media as used by researchers in management issues as well as the practitioners. The plan is to make the transition to a new EIC by July 2002.

The Society’s Transactions on Engineering Management is restricted by the Board of Governors policy to the publication of peer-refereed papers that are research-based and related to engineering and technology management. Content of the Transactions must relate to the Society’s field of interest and the needs of the Society’s members. The intended audience is comprised of researchers, educators, graduate students and implementers of engineering and technology management concepts.

In addition, the Transactions is allowed to publish abstracts of articles contained in various on-line data bases, a listing of books that have come to the attention of the Editor, book excerpts and reviews, a list of recommended books, meeting notices and other information relative to the practice of engineering and technology management. All publication activities will conform to the IEEE Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and copyright laws.

The EIC will be appointed for a period of three years and shall be renewable for another three-year period. The EIC is responsible for implementing the Transactions. He/she shall chair the Publication's Editorial Advisory Board and serve as a member of the Society's Publication Committee and Board of Governors. The EMS VP Publications shall be a member of the Editorial Board.

The EIC reports to the EMS VP Publications who provides guidance and coordinates activities with Editors of the Transactions, the Review, and the Newsletter to maintain a coherent set of publications that meet the needs of the EMS membership and IEEE publication requirements.

Duties of the EIC include:

  1. Selects material for each issue.
  2. Prepares each issue and coordinates on-time publication and circulation through assigned IEEE Publication Staff.
  3. Works with IEEE Headquarters Staff to assure that organizational data are correct.
  4. Develops systems that allow the Transactions to meet the requirements established by the IEEE publication entities.
  5. Maintains awareness of the critical issues in engineering and technology management and provides the EMS BoG with information relative to emerging areas of interest. Makes recommendations regarding the current FOI as new management principles are uncovered.
  6. Appoints, rotates, or removes department editors with approval of the VP Publications. All department editors must maintain membership in the IEEE and EMS. This does not limit accepting assistance from non-IEEE persons.
  7. Chairs the Editorial Advisory Board and with the assistance of the VP Publications develops the purposes, objectives, duties, and responsibilities of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board will include the Associate/Department editors, the VP Publications, as ex-officio, and two members selected by the VP Publications with the approval of the President. The Publications Editorial Board will meet at an agreed time and place established by the VP Publications and the EIC.
  8. Reports to the EMS President through the VP Publications on related activities as required and recommended.
  9. Works with other EMS BoG members, committees, and related IEEE entities to coordinate publicity campaigns and advertising for EMS sponsored programs.
  10. The IEEE budgetary process requires some forethought on non-budgeted items. The EIC will prepare such requests in a timely manner to be incorporated during the budgetary process.
  11. Selects the recipient/s for the Best Paper of the Year Award.
  12. Takes a proactive approach in recommending improvements to the Transactions

The EMS Transactions Search Committee consists of:

2001 Canadian Engineers' Awards

Presented annually by CCPE since 1972, the Canadian Engineers’ Awards recognize outstanding individual Canadian engineers, engineering projects, and teams of engineers. In 2001, CCPE will present its inaugural Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession. The theme for the 2001 Awards is Great Canadian Engineers: Connecting People, Connecting Worlds. The 2001 winners of the Canadian Engineers’ Awards are:

  • Don B. MacEwen, P.Eng. - Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education for exemplary contribution to engineering teaching at a Canadian University
  • Marc Lalande, ing. - Meritorious Service Award for Community Service for exemplary voluntary contribution to a community organization or humanitarian endeavour.
  • Dr. Janet A.W. Elliott, P. Eng. - Young Engineer Achievement Award for outstanding contribution in a field of engineering by an engineer 35 years of age or younger
  • Dr. Frank R. Wilson, P. Eng. - Meritorious Service Award for Professional Service for outstanding contribution to a professional, consulting or technical engineering association or society in Canada
  • Dr. Nancy Mathis, P. Eng. and Marie Bernard, ing. - Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession for exemplary actions and contributions that open doors for women to successfully enter the engineering profession (Presented for the first time in 2001)
  • Dr. Charles Andrew Laszlo, C.M., O.B.C., P.Eng. - Gold Medal Award for exceptional individual achievement and distinction in a field of engineering

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Invitation to join the pool of reviewers of IEEE PES Transacton Papers

The three IEEE Power Engineering Society transactions on power engineering (IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, and IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion) have initiated electronic reviews of papers through the Internet. In order to realize the full potential of this innovation, the Society is seeking to enlarge the pool of reviewers for the Transactions by inviting all experts in the field to join and undertake the task of reviewing as a voluntary service to the profession. In the future, IEEE PES proposes to acknowledge this valuable service to the industry by publishing the names of all reviewers for a given year in the year-end issue of IEEE Power Engineering Review. For details, go to

Call for Papers ELECTRIMACS 2002

Traditionally, ELECTRIMACS conferences aim to establish a high-standard international forum in order to exchange information and new results of research in modeling and simulation, in various fields of electrical engineering. Please send the General Secretary a 500 words abstract written in French or English. The following information must appear on the first page of your document:
- Paper title;
- Author’s name and affiliation (please identify corresponding author);
- Mailing address;
- Telephone number, fax number, e-mail address;
- Conference topic most appropriate for the suggested paper.

Submission address:
Prof. Michel Lavoie
Ecole de technologie supérieure
Electrical Engineering Department
1100 Notre-Dame West
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 1K3, Canada
Telephone: (514) 396-8898
Fax: (514) 396-8684

Paper abstracts: December 7, 2001
Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2002
Full paper due: May 31, 2002

For more details please visit

Upcoming Events

  • NETWORK vs. KNOT WORK: The Neptune Regional Transmission System Project
13 July 2001
Sheraton Hotel, Halifax
For more information please visit
  • 2001 Large Engineering Systems Conference on Power Engineering (LESCOPE'01)
11-13 July 2001
The Sheraton Hotel
Halifax, Nova Scotia
For further information, please contact the LESCOPE'01 Secretariat:
Large Engineering Systems,
P. O. Box 25041,
Halifax, NS B3M 4H4
Tel: (902)-443-2400
Fax: (902)-445-5110
  • 2001 IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC 2001)
16-20 July 2001
Vancouver, British Columbia
For further information, please visit
  • Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking
16-21 July 2001
Rome, Italy
For more information please visit
  • IEEE Conference on History of Telecommunications (CHT2001)
25-27 July 2001
St. John's, Newfoundland
For more information please visit
  • 2001 National Scout Jamboree
23 July - 1 Aug 2001
Fredericksburg, VA
For more information please contact contact Ralph Russell at +1 804 741 9429 or at
  • Tenth Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference
13-17 August 2001
The Chateau Laurier Hotel
Ottawa, Ontario
For more information please visit
  • 2001 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing (PACRIM)
26-28 August, 2001
Victoria, B.C.
For more information please visit
  • 2001 IEEE Power Tech Conference
10-13 September 2001
Porto, Portugal
For more information please visit
  • Solar Odyssey 2001
28-30 September 2001
Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Hotel Saskatchewan
Regina, Saskatchewan
For more information please visit
  • International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communication (PIMRC 2001)
30 Sept - 2 October 2001
San Diego, California
For more information please visit
  • International Conference on Image Processing 2001 (ICIP-2001)
7-10 October 2001
Thessiloniki, Greece
For more information please visit
  • Multimedia Technology and Applications Conference (MTAC 2001)
7-9 November 2001
University of California
For more information please visit
  • International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Electric Machines, Convertors and Systems
18-21 August 2002
École de technologie supérieure, Montreal, Quebec
For more information please visit

For more IEEE conferences, visit IEEE Conference Search at

Submission Information

You can send any submissions by email to the editor:
Abhi Gupta at

Please ensure you send in your submission by the 20th of the month

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