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Issue: January 2000

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News of Interest

IEEE encourages formation of Life Member Chapters

The LMC sees the LM Chapter initiative as a key element in representing the 28,000+ Life members throughout the world. LM Chapters will enable LMs to retain active IEEE associations, contribute to social good, advance IEEE's professional interests and, of course, enjoy each other's company. While many remain active in IEEE projects at various levels of the Institute, the LMC believes more LMs will remain involved if there are LM Chapters. LM Chapters area special type of "Affinity Chapters" as covered in the RAB Operations Manual. The LMC will provide any needed funds through a Regional Coordinator appointed by the Regional Director. The Regional Coordinator will establish new LM Chapters with the cooperation and advice of the Section Chair. LM Chapter information of local interest will probably be carried in the Section's newsletter. 

The LMC's intention is to minimize and simplify administrative procedures for the LM Chapters and for the Sections. The LMC plans to support and encourage LM Chapters through a simple and direct interface. It seems clear that the establishment of LM chapters is quite timely. Independent of the LMC initiative, two Sections have already established LM activities.

To facilitate establishment and functioning of LM Chapters, the LMC plans to provide the following support:

  • Provide an overall coordinating role for all Chapters with staff assistance. Publicize and encourage LM Chapter activities via The Life Members newsletter.
  • Cooperate with and support the Regional Coordinators in establishing LM Chapters and monitoring their activities.
  • Provide modest funding to support special activities.
  • Make available to LM Chapter Chairs "Best Practices," as they become known to the LMC.
  • Maintain records of Chapter activifie s/achievements.
  • Recognize outstanding LM achievements.

Local members determine the activities for each Chapter. Chapters can petition for funds for special, unique projects from the LMC. However, the LMC expects that Chapter meetings typically will be held during lunch (at the members' own expense).

For more information. please contact Dave Kemp at

New IEEE Medal established / Old IEEE Medal reinstated

The IEEE has established a new medal for "exceptional contribution to the microelectronic industry". The IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal will consist of a medal, certificate, and cash honorarium. Funded in perpetuity through an endowment from Intel Corporation/Intel Foundation, the award will be presented for the first time in 2000

The IEEE has also reinstated a medal for "significant achievement in systems engineering and systems science". The IEEE Simon Ramo Medal will consist of a medal, certificate, and cash honorarium. TRW Incorporated will join the list of distinguished companies that sponsor IEEE Awards, by sponsoring this medal. This award will also be presented in 2000.

The deadline for submission of nominations for these awards is 21 January 2000. For further information, please contact:
IEEE Awards/Fellow Activities
Tel: (732)-562-3840
E-mail: Website:

Call for Papers for International Conference for Chip Design Automation

The International Conference on Chip Design Automation (ICDA) which is part of the great eventful World Computer Congress 2000, International Information Processing Federation, to be held in Beijing, China, will focus on advanced aspects of ICCAD and ASIC facing the next-generation IC industry. As microelectronic technologies move into deep and very deep sub-micron dimensions, devices become smaller and faster, and the density of system-on-a-chip integration becomes greater. The increased complexity of ASIC circuits and CAD tools require new trade-off in performance, modeling, and reliability. The use of design languages has become a must to address the complexity of deep sub-micron designs. To address related issues in this area, two tracks in this conference are arranged:

  1. ICCAD and ASIC Design
  2. Chip Design Languages (APChDL2000, Asia Pacific Chip Design Languages)

Main topic of interests are:

  • System Design and Synthesis
  • Simulation and Verification
  • Interconnection, Layout Design For DSM, VDSM
  • Chip Power Design
  • Library, Cores and IP
  • DFT and Test
  • Design Issues
  • Device Models and Process Design/TCAD
  • Design Methods and Environment

Conference Chairpersons are:
Honorary Chairs: Prof. Ernest S. Kuh (USA), Prof. Wang Yangyuan(China)
Conference Chair: Wang Qinsheng ( China)
Conference Vice Chair: Liu Weiping(China)
Program Committee Cochairs : Liu Weiping (China), Jean Mermet(France), Jason Cong (USA)

Paper submission guideline can be found at the website 

Important dates are:
Jan 10, 2000: submission deadline.
March 10, 2000: notification of acceptance.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Jiang Shiping, Secretary-General, ICDA2000
Add: No.1, Gao Jia Yuan, Beijing 100015, CHINA
Phone:+86-10-64360984 Fax: +86-10-64364487
Email: or
Website: or

Senior Member Updates

The following members were elected as senior members at the November 1999 IEEE Admissions and Advancement Panel meeting in Snowbird, Utah.

Nathan, Arokia - Kitchner-Waterloo

For more information on the Nominate a Senior Member Initiative (NSI) Program, please visit their website at or check the Getting the Most of your Membership in the January issue of The Institute

Upcoming Events

  • Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2000)
7-10 May 2000
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Please visit for more information.
  • Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics (ANTEM 2000)
30 July - 2 August 2000
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Please visit for more information
  • International Symposium on Parallel Computing in Electrical Engineering (PARELEC 2000)
27-30 August 2000
Quebec, Montreal
For more information, please contact:
IEEE Computer Society
Conference Services
1730 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington D.C. 20036-1992
Tel: (202)-371-1013
Fax: (202)-728-0884
Or Conference Services Department, IEEE Operations Center at (732)-562-3878
  • 2000 IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP 2000)
15-18 October 2000
Victoria, British Columbia
For further information, please contact:
Dr. Vishnu K. Lakdawala
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA  23529
Tel: (757)-683-4665
Fax: (757)-683-3220
or Conference Services Department, IEEE Operations Center at (732)-562-3878
  • 2000 IEEE International Carnaham Conference of Security Technology
23-25 October 2000
Ottawa, Ontario
For further information, please contact:
Mr. Larry D. Sanson,
186 Woodwalk Ct.,
Nicholasville, KY  40356
Tel: (606)-223-9840
Fax: (606)-224-3225
or Conference Services Department, IEEE Operations Center at (732)-562-3878
  • 2001 IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC 2001)
July 16-20 2001
Vancouver, British Columbia
For further information, please contact:
Professor Marty Shaneyfelt,
Sandia National Labs,
MS 1083 P. O. Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM  87185-1083
Tel: (505)-844-6137
Fax: (505)-844-2991
or Conference Services Department, IEEE Operations Center at (732)-562-3878

IEEE Commerical Releases

IEEE unveils New Video-on-Demand Service with Free Access Until February 2000

The IEEE has launched a new educational service that brings techincal courses to the users' desktops. IEEE Video-on-Demand, available from the IEEE website at, streams entire video tutorials directly to viewers when they want them. The IEEE is offering a free trial period for any course to 31 January 2000.

Segments of each video are available for preview before subscribing to the service. After registration, viewers will be able to watch the complete tutorials, with full motion video and audio, PowerPoint slides, presentation notes and an interactive table of contents that allow users to go directly to information or presentations of interest.

IEEE Education video tutorials take an in-depth look at critical technologies in the electrical engineering fields. Available through the IEEE Video-on-Demand service will be tutorials on computer engineering, communications, reliability, power, signal processing, and more. Among the titles are:

  • Real-time Systems: An Engineer's Guided Tour
  • Strategies and Planning for a Wireless Technology System
  • Developing Software for Safety Critical Systems
  • P. E. Review: Transmission and Distribution & Machinery and Applications
  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives
  • Video Signal Processors

IEEE Video-on-Demand uses Softcom technology in conjunction with RealNetworksTM G2 Player, so that anyone with a computer and high-speed modem can access the growing list of IEEE video tutorials. Softcom's Java-based patent-pending technology makes Internet video an immersive, interactive viewing experience. Their streaming video technology allows for video to be delivered from one point to another without a download period. Browsers with faster connections will receive better quality.

To experience this leading-edge technology during the free access period, log onto To speak with a representative from IEEE about Video-on-Demand, contact Alan Tremblay, Business Development Manager at or at (732)-562-5488.

Submission Information

You can send any submissions by email to the editor:
Abhi Gupta at

Please ensure you send in your submission by the 20th of the month

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